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Entei's Plugin Library

Apr 14, 2014 br45entei Release
About This is not a plugin, it is a plugin library. As such, it will not do anything if there is not an accompanying plugin that uses this library. Plugins that use this Library The following plugins use this plugin library: Entei's Commands Entei's Inventory Manager How to use this library's api When developing your plugin, you can add this library's .jar to your build path and then import "*" to import all available classes. See the api section below for...

Entei's UUID Player List

Apr 02, 2014 br45entei Release
Introduction Entei's UUID Player List is a developer's api meant to make the manditory transition from player names to the new UUID system easier by providing extra methods and functionalities to any plugin developer who wishes to code their plugin with ease. All you have to do is drop the .jar into your /plugins/ folder and start getting players to log in, and the plugin will go straight to work saving and indexing player UUID tags and their most recent player name. Features Full api...

Entei's Magic Enchanter

Apr 01, 2014 br45entei Release
About this plugin From personally searching for a nice /enchant plugin, I noticed that they all had complicated permissions that sometimes didn't work, or they had extras that I didn't want and the file size was pretty big, so I set out to create my own plugin, and here we are! The plugin is very light on your server. Only one permission for ALL enchants: brian_enteismagicenchanter.enchant The plugin is very easy to use. No files to configure, just place the .jar file into your server's...
Entei's Commands Logo

Entei's Commands

Apr 01, 2014 br45entei Release
Introduction Entei's Commands With this plugin, you can modify or stop a command before it executes, enabling you full control over what commands are issued to your server. You can also set the plugin to change a certain command into another, to help with compatibility or misspelled commands. Other optional features include: Automatic broadcasting: You can set the plugin to broadcast color-code enabled messages that you type at a configurable interval so that you can stop worrying about...

Entei's Inventory Manager

Apr 01, 2014 br45entei Release
Introduction Entei's Inventory Manager With this plugin, you can manage what inventory is loaded for your players when they join/visit another world. You can configure this plugin to load the individual players' inventory for each world, or you can set up what inventory is loaded for which world in the config.yml. This plugin will save and load all current Minecraft items, such as enchanted items, items with custom names, items with lore, and books. Other optional features include: Make...
  • 5 bukkit plugins found