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Sep 01, 2014 cnniillaa1 Release
EggExperience I made this plugin originally for my server because i wanted a better economy and a way for players to actually get "Bottle O XP" legit! Now i have decided to release this to you. Eggexperience gives you experience when thrown its that simple but an incredible idea! There are many things you can use this for such as allowing players to get easier experience prices of eggs will go up on your "economy" server and u though at unusefull entity in minecraft will now be usefull! How...
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Sep 01, 2014 cnniillaa1 Release
JoinWorks! JoinWorks is a simple and amazing plugin that launches a firework into the sky when a player joins the game. I created this plugin because I was tired of a non "Unique" way of warning and telling other players that someone has joined the server :D Install JoinWorks To install Joinworks all you need to do is place it into your plugins folder and restart/ reload your server. Information On join a Firework is launched Random firework every join Soon to Come! Permissions - So only...


Sep 01, 2014 cnniillaa1 Alpha
Do you need a Light Weight hub plugin! Well I have answered your question! With Hubtatsic you can set your spawn of your server with any spawn plugin and hubtastic will automatically be set up! Just type /hub to be teleported to your ideal spawn! This is beyond amazing for small and/or growing minigame servers. No longer will you have to type /spawn in your server but /hub will replace it its that simple! ==== Download Hubtastic Now ==== Download Here: Hubtastic ==== Features And Commands...


Jun 05, 2014 cnniillaa1 Release
Are you sick and tired of having to put the forum link in chat?! Do players get annoying asking for the servers website link!? Well you will no longer be annoyed by these things! WebLink is a plugins i originally developed for my server although it lightweight it keeps your server organised and and less chaotic! Let your players have a easy way to get to the forums or website by just typing a simple command in game!!:D No Longer will there be annoying times where you have to type the web...
  • 4 bukkit plugins found

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