Jan 24, 2014 codename_B Release
RankMarket RankMarket is designed to let your users choose their donation benefits or earn money in your economy and rank up. Each "rank" has a permission node associated with it's availability for purchase, so you can make even design tiered rank up systems, where each rank unlocks the next for purchase! How to use Typing '/rank' in-game will open up a list of available ranks for purchase. Type '/rank name' to purchase the rank (if you have enough funds available). Configuration The...
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Sep 07, 2013 codename_B Release
bPermissions 2.x - now under new management Welcome to bPermissions, a Superperms Manager for Bukkit! bPermissions focuses on being unique from the rest of the Permission managers. It's very simple to set up and use, it's lightning fast, fully featured, and has a great support team! Since codename_B is now focusing on the new 3.x branch of bPermissions, he has handed over control over 2.x to me (rymate1234). Some features: bPermissions has a gui client specifically designed to make running a...


Jun 05, 2013 codename_B Release
Griefers gonna grief, protect your users with bReport. Ever wished there was an easy way for your players to leave you a message and let you know about griefing, report a hacker, or just tell you they love you? Now with bReport you can do all this, with the added functionality of a built-in admin only chatroom (with console chatting support)! Reference Commands Permissions Configuration Ticket Source Upcoming Features Commands '/report I dun goofd!' From your users point of view, opening a...


Mar 29, 2013 codename_B Release
SetRankVault A simple and effective plugin for globally setting a players groups in a single command! Commands? There is only one permission node setrankvault.cmd which allows you to use the vrank playername groupname command. It is possible to set multiple groups by using this command too! How do I set a player to my admin group? /vrank playername admin How do I set a player to my builder and donator groups? /vrank playername builder donator


Feb 21, 2013 codename_B Mature
ThatRegionPlugin You've probably wished it existed, something that lets you have a creative world with no worries of grief, something that lets your players start building right next to other players without having to worry about chunk borders. They just start building in a spot, and that's them! That region plugin you're after is finally here! Getting started ThatRegionPlugin defaults to off in all worlds, to enable it you'll have to use the correct command. Say you wanted to enable your...


Feb 13, 2013 codename_B Release
Do you ever find yourself stuck on a server where you just can't leave because your phobia of clicking the "disconnect" button? Well, the solution is now here! With Quit, leaving is as simple as using the /quit command! No longer will you be stuck! As an added bonus you can even provide a reason for your leaving, which will be displayed to everyone on the server, so they will share your pain.


Feb 08, 2013 codename_B Release
bFormatted Try it now! Give bFormatted a try, you might just like it! Design bFormatted was designed to fill a need in chat plugins. Chat plugins are still reliant on permissions plugins, through Vault, or through directly hooking into permission systems. Instead, bFormatted invites you to move away from the preconcieved ideas of prefix/suffix and to try out something new. Why it's better bFormatted improves on the concept of prefix/suffix by allowing you to expand to your own infinite ideas!...


Feb 03, 2013 codename_B Release
bPermissionsWebGUI The next step forward in ease of management of permissions! You will need the plugin WebGUI_Plugin.jar and the client-side application WebGUI_Client.jar available in the package. Don't forget to donate if you liked this! I worked HARD to make this all secure + working so show a little appreciation :) Installation Installation is as easy as dragging/dropping into your plugins folder and running once to generate the config.yml for this plugin. After this is...


Feb 03, 2013 codename_B Release
bPermissions is great! But what if you need to setup the same set of permissions across multiple servers (say you have a network of game-servers and want to feed them all off the same set of permissions?) Good news! You DONT have to muck about with mysql, caching conflicts, and incompatible plugins! bPermissions offers the solution in the form of bPermissionsNano - a stripped down version of bPermissions with only a config.yml - that grabs its permissions/groups/prefixes from your main...
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Sep 20, 2012 codename_B Mature
The original chunk hole fix You asked for it, so here it is! The original chunk hole fixing plugin is back! How it works On teleportation, sometimes the chunk data gets "lost in transit". This plugin fills in the gaps automatically, so you won't even know it's running. Your server may not require it, or it may occasionally require it; but here it is should you wish to run it. Should you get stuck in a chunk hole, the plugin also provides a /chunkme command to force-resend the chunk you are...
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Sep 12, 2012 codename_B Inactive
Get cash for your forum activity! Ever wished that you could get in-game cash for your activity on a (or any other XenForo forum?) Now you can! With Cash4Likes you can trade in your old and unwanted likes and posts, and get shiny cashy money (in-game money, hooked using Vault) in return. This plugin uses Metrics to track its usage anonymously. Feel free to opt-out. Configuration cash: like: 150 post: 15 url: I will admit I haven't tested this plugin on...


Aug 29, 2012 codename_B Inactive
RealTNT All this plugin does is change how TNT works. This means TNT (for the moment) is not blockable by WorldGuard and the like till Bukkit adds events for the FallingBlockEntity specifially. What it does is makes blocks fly! Simple It's drag and drop, install it and TNT acts different! Fun Watch the walls literally crumble into pieces and go flying, destruction like you've never seen before!


Aug 23, 2012 cwingrav Inactive
Ever needed a small world on your server? For VIPs? For a small creative world? Just for a bit of destructive fun? Well good news! Here it is! This is codename_B's inactive project to create small worlds. All props to him. This was ported to the newest version of Minecraft world files and presented here with codename_B's blessing. Ported by the Minds of Chimera Project (MOC)! See our newly released, heavily modded, actively developed server:! Installation place in...


May 21, 2012 codename_B Planning
Random things happen... who knows what will happen next?! List of planned events: chicken mobs tnt party rainbow sheep day auto noob towering dodge the lightning all placed blocks are lava all placed blocks turn into explosions all placed blocks turn into creepers all broken blocks spawn a zombie everyone gets randomly teleported to ANYWHERE SILENT HILL all blocks have a 0.015% chance of "spreading" (turning each adjacent block into the type of that block) Config options The config gives you...


Apr 29, 2012 codename_B Release
BananaBackup Need a backup program that just works? BananaBackup is designed from the ground up to be simple and just work. It backs up your server worlds (just the region files) to timed and dated zip files - nothing more. It can also update the plugins too! Need to cut out the lag? The delay between .mcregion file writing is 100% configurable! (and the writing is 100% threaded) so you can choose any delay you like from 0ms to 5000ms, just set the option in the config file! Higher delays...


Apr 24, 2012 codename_B Release
WordUp WordUp is designed to allow you to operate a "guest" based whitelist where the guests have to speak a password in order to be granted member rights. It can also allow you to simply tell your donators the password to gain access to their donation groups (though how much you trust them is up to you). How to use To use the 'wordup' word, the word must be prefixed with the "$" symbol. For example if the word was 'password' you would type '$password' in chat. Configuration The WordUp config...


Apr 11, 2012 codename_B Release
NoSpawnChunks What does it do? Ever wished you could run more on less? Multiworlds taking up all your memory and noone visits them very often? The solution is now simple: install this plugin! This plugin does one thing, and one thing only, prevents spawn chunks being loaded into memory for all worlds on the server. What does this mean in practice? It means you can run a 2 person server on as little as 32mb ram (including 8-10 lightweight plugins). It also means that the memory impact from...


Jan 23, 2012 codename_B Inactive
HiddenChest I wanted a chest protection plugin that protected totally against x-rayers but still allowed for "breaking and entering" bases during pvp raids. This plugin fits the problem perfectly and works for both single and double chests. Screenshots About To hide a chest, you left click it with the block you want to hide is as (in the above example, a glass block) and the inventory is stored and the block transformed into the block you used. To unhide the chest you simply click it once...


Dec 17, 2011 codename_B Release
Alchemy Alchemy is another form of crafting unlike anything else you've ever used before. Simply follow the instructions below, and you'll be doing Alchemy before you know it! Don't forget to donate if you like this plugin! Server admins! Alchemy has a configurable % fail/explode chance that you can set in config.yml if you want to adjust the chest to suit your preferred balance on the server. You also need to define your own recipes for the Alchemy in recipes.txt config.yml fail-percent: 0.0...


Oct 22, 2011 codename_B Mature
MagnaIpsum Easily search for and install plugins from BukkitDev MagnaIpsum provides an (experimental) in-game interface to BukkitDev allowing you to download the most up-to-date versions of your favourite plugins - as well as easily keeping them up-to-date and finding and installing new plugins! Commands There are five commands /bsearch plugin - searches for a plugin /binstall plugin - installs plugin by the weburl /bupdate - updates all plugins installed by magnaipsum /buninstall plugin -...