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May 29, 2013 cookcraft Beta
MiscellaneousCrafting, make the uncraftable craftable! This plugin allows you to craft things which by default are not craftable. Of course you can turn off all of the craftings you don't want. Crafting recepties: Look here for the recepties! List of added things: - Saddle - Metrics Support List of things which are comming in the next release: - mob eggs List of things which are planned: - Horse armor (waiting for the 1.6 update) - Mob spawners - Explosive enchantement Metrics I am using...


Jun 03, 2013 cookcraft Inactive
Need some downtime? Use PutDaServerDown! Features: Use /down to to down! Kick players who don't have permissions to stay! Players withoud permissions can even not join! Automatic change motd when down, changeable. And Mutch more! Commands: /down <message>: put the server down and if message is given put it down with that message Permissions: putdaserverdown.maintenance: Give access to the /down command putdaserverdown.exempt: Dont kick that player when going down, can even join when the...


Oct 10, 2012 cookcraft Inactive
PlayerIP PlayerIP is a plugin that allows you to do more with your players ip adderess. This plugin works with the newest version of bukkit! I have set PlayerIP away, i don't see it usefull! sorry for my bad english, english is not my native language. (but with google translate is it much better ;)) For config version history: click here the opportunities now at version 0.0.2 are: * See what someone's ip. * If a player joins the server, ops and players with permission see his ip * Not so much...


Oct 30, 2013 cookcraft Release
This plugin allows your players to register at your MyBB-forum. it could not be easier, you're registered with /register <password> <email>! not english? No problem, near all messages are changable! features: Ingame register system for your mybb forum! username at the forum is the same as ingame! auto-encript the password, include salt! works with mysql, self writed and not a libbary! reminder non-registered players at join to register! change the default signature! vailid email check, thanks...
  • 4 bukkit plugins found