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Oct 26, 2011 crazedfred Inactive
Cool Repair is a re-write of AutoRepair, keeping the same low profile while adding in guild repairs. How to Use: When it's time to repair, it will use guild funds if possible, then your money. Then it reports it (cleaner than original) to the chat frame. No configuration, that's it!
SpamSay Example


Jan 03, 2011 crazedfred Inactive
An addon that allows you to say things only every few seconds. Useful for macros. This lets you make a macro that announces your target without spaming your group: /cast Polymorph /sp Sheeping %t! Even if you spam the macro, it will only announce that phrase every few seconds. It also has a nice feature to let you announce in raid, party, or neither automatically. How to use: Just call this command with any text, and it will only say that phrase every 3 seconds: Example: /ss Once every three...


Jan 03, 2011 crazedfred Planning
Intro A library to synchronize data between multiple WoW clients in an efficient, correct, and sane matter. This is NOT an addon; this helps other addons. If you're not a developer, you don't need this. It seems that there are a plethora of addons that synchronize data of some kind (just search "sync"): Friend's lists, ignore lists, exp, combat timers of all kinds, and so forth. Yet it seems that most data synchronization features are home-made for each addon. This creates a few problems:...