Dec 23, 2009 daxdax Inactive
Eliminates the Matron/Patron spam when shapechanging. For example, if you are a female in game, and you drink an underbelly elixir, you will see a system messages 'You have lost the title 'Matron'" "You have gained the title 'Patron" When the buff is removed, you see something similar. This happens when using an iron boot flask, and most recently with patch 3.3, Deathbringer's will, which procs in combat every 2 minutes. The spam is immense, and intolerable for boss fights. The only option is...

Spitfilter reborn

Apr 19, 2009 daxdax Inactive
Blocks all instances of the Blizzard emote /spit Many feel that the /spit emote is obscene and inappropriate, but do not have the ability to turn it off without depriving themselves of the many other wonderful emotes. For example, this one time, at band camp, I fought a mage who automatically /spit on me with every cast. I almost cried. So I wrote this mod.