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Jan 07, 2014 Lolmewn Inactive
Chadmin - made by efreak1996 and some by Lolmewn Description Chadmin is a new Plugin, inspired by Herochat, for managing the Minecraft Chat. It gives you the ability to create multiple channels, which can be password protected and only available per world. All Chatactivity can be logged and censored. It has also intelligent Player Highlighting, which means if someone says 'efreak1996, may I buy this region?', 'efreak1996' will be highlighted. But it will also be highlighted, if someone only...


Jul 14, 2013 efreak1996 Beta
Description BIG v. 1.0 REWRITE ON ITS WAY Bukkitmanager is the Plugin you have waited for... With Bukkitmanager you can manage and update almost every thing of bukkit, including the installed Plugins. It gives you a Swing GUI, a Spout GUI and a Webinterface with many Settings, a Playerlist with Kick, Ban, and Teleport events and much more. It's like a Bridge between the most used Plugins and Bukkit itself. It provides an Automessage function, with Permissions, so you see the messages only...


Jun 28, 2013 efreak1996 Release
#Hashtags #Description Hashtags searches for hashtags in the Chat and allows you to search for those messages. Its just a fun plugin which is part of the social media mainstream ;D Messages with Hashtags get logged so you can list all messages containing a searched hashtag. You can also list the most used hashtags. #Usage Just use #Hashtags in your chat messages. There are no Permissions yet. Everybody can tag and view the trendings. #Configuration General: Debug: false #Toggles Debug Mode...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found