PermissionChannel (ChannelChat)

Jan 17, 2012 feildmaster Planning
Module adding Permissions and Permission Rules to ChannelChat. Features Nothing yet.. Suggest some stuff!

More REALISTIC Minecraft

Aug 25, 2011 feildmaster Inactive
The idea thread: More Realistic Minecraft More coming soon.


Aug 25, 2011 feildmaster Mature
Your fences are indestructible! Source | Permissions Features: Can't break fences, can't burn fences, can't blow up fences Fire disappears when placed/spread near fences TNT disappears after exploding when near fences (It's the only way I could think of) Creepers disappear (after exploding) when near fences (I "might" allow creepers to blow fence up) Pistons can't push or pull fences! OP's can break fences with Gold Pickaxe