Jul 25, 2012 lololmaker Mature
With this plugin LOCAL CHAT allows you to talk with people in certain radius where GLOBAL CHAT allows you to talk to everyone on the server. FEATURES Local Chat Ranged chat (in config, default 100) Custom format (Default: [L] Player : Message) Custom message if noone is in range Global Chat Unlimited range (Into any world/location) Must use prefix before message (Default: !) Custom format (Default: [G] Player : Message) Admin Chat Unlimited range Must use prefix (Default: #) Custom format...


Dec 29, 2012 feildmaster Mature
BoomTNT is a plugin like no other. It prevents(?) TNT usage in it's own unique way. Like in real life, TNT is dangerous... Why not teach that to your users? Source Features 90% chance of TNT failure, and you pretty much dying... ;) OP's and players in CreativeMode don't have any risk of failing Drop and Play!

CensorChat (ChannelChat)

Dec 15, 2012 feildmaster Release
This module for ChannelChat allows you to apply server wide censor filters over your players chat! Source | Jenkins | Commands & Permissions | More Modules Features: Configure which channel types, or even specific channels, get filtered! Ability to create as many (regex) filters as you want! Turns entire filtered word into asterisks (*) In game filter commands. Commands: /censor Planned Features: Allow use of plugin without ChannelChat Allow replacement of regex with custom words
Logo Beta


Nov 30, 2012 feildmaster Beta
ChannelChat allows administrators to easily define channels which sit in their servers chat. These can be easily manipulated to do as you please, allowing auto joining, passwords, distance and more. Allow your users to create private channels to add their friends in a simplistic manner. ChannelChat works alongside the majority of chat formatting plugins, allowing it to comfortably work along side major plugins such as Essentials, Factions and Towny. Thread | Source |...

ChannelColor (ChannelChat)

Jan 30, 2012 feildmaster Beta
White text is a pain, but now you can color your ChannelChat channels! Source | Jenkins | Color Codes | More Modules Features: Ability to color a channels text ToDo: More user/admin-friendly configuration In game command...!

ChannelIRC (ChannelChat)

Apr 30, 2013 feildmaster Release
Adds CraftIRC support for ChannelChat. Allows mapping of channel chat channels to irc channels, and vice versa. Source | More Modules Setup: Configuration | CraftIRC Configuration Features CraftIRC support for ChannelChat! Commands None

ChannelTap (ChannelChat)

Jan 30, 2012 feildmaster Release
Ever wanted to tap into a player/channels messages without actually being in the channel? Well now you can with this handy module for ChannelChat! Source | More Modules Features: Configuration-free setup! Ability to listen in on specific players, or channels! Commands: /tap [#channel/player]Taps into a specified #channel or player Permissions Chan.TapAllows players to tap channels/players


Jun 20, 2012 feildmaster Release
ControlORBle, lets you control player experience. From configuring experience loss on death, down to how much experience you get from monsters, this plugin lets you customize just about everything you can do with experience! Source | irc://irc.esper.net/#fmdev Commands & Permissions | Configuration Features: Configurable Experience Loss on Death (With the ability to fine-tune by death type!) Add/Remove/Set players experience "Virtual Experience" - Experience goes to chat notices (not orbs)...

FactionChannel (ChannelChat)

Jan 30, 2012 feildmaster Release
This module for ChannelChat adds a new Faction Channel to ChannelChat Source | Dev Builds | More Modules Features: A Faction Channel for ChannelChat Allows faction members to talk to each other, with chat handled the same way as Channel Chat! Simply Drag and Drop into Plugins folder! More possibilities in the future! Note: Make sure to disable faction chat! (/f chat)


Nov 30, 2012 feildmaster Mature
Source | Commands & Permissions NOTICE: Feildmaster has stopped development for this plugin, the latest version SHOULD work no matter what version of craftbukkit you are using. (From 1.2.5 and later) read more... The simple, and dynamic, "ignore people" plugin. Compatible with: Most Chat Format Plugins ChannelChat or LocalChat


Sep 03, 2013 feildmaster Release
A simple chat plugin that makes you talk in a limited range. This plugin overrides basic chat, so just type like normal, and your text will automatically be limited to the range specified in the configuration! Source Features Local Chat Configurable "range" (default: 1000 blocks) Configurable "no players nearby" message Global Chat Configurable "prefix" (default: !) Configurable format Permissions localchat.global: Default true Allows players to send messages to the world localchat.listen:...

More REALISTIC Minecraft

Aug 25, 2011 feildmaster Inactive
The idea thread: More Realistic Minecraft More coming soon.
Pail logo


Mar 25, 2014 feildmaster Beta
Pail is a Java swing Graphical User Interface designed specifically for Bukkit. Pail opens up many opportunities for plugin developers to take advantage of. Plugins can be written solely to add functionality to Pail, or Pail support can be integrated easily into existing plugins. Just imagine being able to edit your permissions groups, view server performance, or manage your world's economy all from a single interface! Source | Plugins that use Pail | Public API | Hooking into Pail | JavaDoc...
PailPlus Logo


Mar 03, 2012 feildmaster Beta
Adding more functionality to Pail Source Features: Server Monitor Bar System Tray! Plugin Manager Might be added back at a later date Permission Gui Might be added back at a later date Planned Features: CPU Monitor MultiWorld Manager Permission Gui Edits Default Permissions "Custom Nodes" - Like groups New layout "Add Player" "Node Editor" "easier" permission setting


Aug 25, 2011 feildmaster Mature
Your fences are indestructible! Source | Permissions Features: Can't break fences, can't burn fences, can't blow up fences Fire disappears when placed/spread near fences TNT disappears after exploding when near fences (It's the only way I could think of) Creepers disappear (after exploding) when near fences (I "might" allow creepers to blow fence up) Pistons can't push or pull fences! OP's can break fences with Gold Pickaxe

PermissionChannel (ChannelChat)

Jan 17, 2012 feildmaster Planning
Module adding Permissions and Permission Rules to ChannelChat. Features Nothing yet.. Suggest some stuff!

Piston Smelter

Mar 27, 2014 feildmaster Release
Push blocks over lava, using pistons, to smelt! Usage Source | Jenkins Features Smelt Cobblestone into Stone! Smelt Iron Ore into Iron Ingots! Smelt Gold Ore into Gold Ingots! Smelt Sand into Glass! Smelt Clay into Bricks! Break the block (turned from lava) to get the refined block! Automatically break block by pushing over water! Smelt with glass as cover over lava! Planned Features: Smelt Lag (maybe)

Quantum Connectors

Jun 28, 2015 Ne0nx3r0 Release
Replace that dusty old redstone wiring with quantum circuits! Source | Usage | Commands & Permissions Features: Wireless redstone Optional delayed activation Activate multiple devices Use Chests, Beds, Furnaces and even Bookshelves to activate redstone devices! When enabled this plugin will check to see if there is an update available and let you know if one is. Don't be frightened! You can actually disable it in the same plugins/<thisplugin>/config.yml file that every single other plugin...


Mar 06, 2012 feildmaster Release
Ever wanted to silence player chat? Well now you can! Simply drag and drop this plugin and you're as good as gold! Source Commands: /silence - Toggles silencing chat /silence-all [message]- Toggles server-wide silence. (disables /me command) Message is optional, it will set the message sent to players when server wide silence is on. Permissions: silence.bypass - Bypasses silence-all (Your chat will go through) silence.admin - Allows using silence-all

Super Lock-Pick

Feb 03, 2012 feildmaster Release
You can now pick locks... Any of them! Supports permissions, multiple item types, fully customizable... Source Features Lock Picking Ability Chance System Fully customizable configuration Works on all locking plugins, even ones that haven't been invented yet Usage Find a locked chest (configurable) Equip an Iron Ingot (configurable) Right click locked chest to attempt to pick it. Commands slp : version display slp debug : shows configuration slp reload : reloads configuration Permissions...