Currency Mini-Map icon Mouse over


Mar 06, 2015 greenhorns Release
Currency shows you all of your currencies with just a mouse-over. It only shows currencies you have some of, and there is no configuration needed but there are options in the interface addon panel if you choose to. The position of the Mini map button may be changed by left clicking and dragging it to your desired position. I am pleased to announce with the release of version 8 you now have an options panel for configuration management. This is accessed via the slash command /currency or by...
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Feb 24, 2015 greenhorns Release
RepWatch will watch for Rep gains and provide you with more information than the default UI gives. Now with options for Verbose or Terse output, and the ability to turn off RepWatch output. type /rep to get a list of commands. In the works: Adding GUI config.
Titan Panel [Currency] tooltip

Titan Panel [Currency]

Mar 06, 2015 greenhorns Release
This mod will display all the Currency you have on the current toon in a tool tip. It shows the current Toons Gold amount on the Titan Panel bar. For those interested in this but do not want to use Titan Panel then please check out my other addon Currency