ElvUI Still Enhanced (WOD)

Mar 24, 2015 instant Beta
This is a continuation of ElvUI Enhanced (Abandoned Made to work with WOD. I would really like to push version 3.1 to release status instead of beta. If you find any bugs or features that are not working please let me know by creating a ticket: Please Note: This add-on will not function without ElvUI installed. You can download it at Please post all...


Oct 21, 2014 instant Mature
_____________________________________________________________________________________ AceM2L2 Ace Mobs to Level 2 Author: instant Version: 1.2 _____________________________________________________________________________________ This addon will tell you how many of the current target you will need to kill before you will level up. This will be displayed in the chat window in the format. "15 Blind Buearocrats needed for next level" It will also tell you how many more mobs or handins/quests you...