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Limit them commands!

CommandLimiter - Limit the commands on your server![CodeEx]

Mar 01, 2012 CodeEx Release
=== NOTE: For all intents and purposes this plugin is inactive, though for the life of me I can't figure out how to manually set it as an inactive project, so I have put this notice here for all to read. Sorry about this! Maybe eventually I will come back to it but for now I simply do not have the time. === CommandLimiter is the first plugin made by CodeEx team. We were looking around on Bukkit Dev and asking other server owners about what kind of plugin they wanted/needed. After extensive...


Feb 02, 2012 CodeEx Release
IPCompare is CodeEx's second plugin publicly released on dev.bukkit.org. This plugin is meant to allow server owners and staff to check/compare player's ips, list every ip a user has logged in from and check if accounts have logged on from the same ip. It also limits the number of connections allowed from one ip and warns allowed players of connections from same ips. This is just a way to help stop griefers with multiple accounts. Features: Check the ip of a player on line with a simple...


Oct 07, 2011 lookatmego Inactive
FoodTrees-Food now grows on trees! This is a pretty basic plugin where there is a custom percentage chance of a food dropping from a leaf by breaking it or leaf decay. All foods are avaiable. Features: Lightweight and easy to use(just drag and drop) Insures you always have food to eat specially for 1.8 You can choose what food to drop through the config! choose the percentage of each food dropping from config file! reload config file from ingame! use easy command + permissions! Command +...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found