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Apr 18, 2014 JOPHESTUS Release
Towny Desc Towny is a enhanced plugin which aims to help new users become part of a town or community on your server by way of advertising or making other users aware of their lack of town membership. Commands /towny - Sends a message to the server to inform users that someone wants to be part of a town Permissions towny.ask - allows the user to use the /towny command Configuration As of yet, there is no need for a config. In the future maybe there might be as I add more features. Metrics...


Apr 13, 2014 mbaxter Release
Introducing the Tag API! This plugin is a plugin tool, much like Vault or SpoutPlugin, for providing additional functionality outside the normal bounds of Bukkit API. What it does Ever wanted your plugin to display a different color above someone's name? Disguise as another player to tease players? Now you can! What it doesn't do The name over your head affects your skin. This is a minecraft client issue. Change entity ID. This means that someone with a modified client can still tell that...

Tim The Enchanter

Dec 24, 2012 mbaxter Release
Hey everyone! I have here for you a simple plugin which lets you enchant your items. What's so cool about this plugin? You define how you add the enchantments by name! Cool, isn't it? Features Enchant your items! Customize names you can use to add enchantments! Permissions enchanter.enchant lets you enchant your items enchanter.dirty lets you enchant items to levels above that enchantment's normal level (up to level 127!) enchanter.reload lets you reload the list of names for enchantments...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found