May 13, 2012 itsatacoshop247 Inactive
Cannibalism - Eat other players! Version: v1.0 Eat other players when you kill them! When you kill another player, the plugin will restore your food level or drop food around the player. Great for servers with many starving new players! Main video, please watch! Config/Features: Option to use permissions or not Customizable messages to be sent to the killer/killed (or turned of) Can use custom color cods (&4) and will replace !killer...


Apr 07, 2012 mbaxter Release
DeathLockout is a very simple, straightforward plugin. When a player dies, they are locked out of the server for a short period of time. When that time elapses, they are welcome to join. When kicked on death, and on any attempts before their time is up, the player is informed how much longer they have until they "revive." Configuration: timeout: How many minutes the player is locked out. Default is 30. Permissions: deathlockout.exempt: Anyone with this permission is not knocked off the...

Buddha Mode

Jan 21, 2012 mbaxter Release
God mode with a twist! Protect yourself from dying, while still experiencing the fun of taking damage! Yes, it's Buddha Mode! Ripped from the headlines of Half Life 2, you can take damage up until that last little bit. Installation Download Place into plugins folder Commands To toggle, the command is /buddha You will feel a sense of enlightenment Permissions To be able to toggle, you need the permission: buddha.use For a bonus comment each time you would have died but didn't, give yourself...