Jul 12, 2014 mbaxter Release
TagAPI A note about the future. 1.8 and beyond With the changes implemented in 1.8, TagAPI is no longer a good idea. As a result, TagAPI will receive no further updates. But I want to add colors to usernames! I suggest finding a plugin that lets you do that using the built-in scoreboard system added to Minecraft in 1.6 which is better suited for that! But I want to change usernames completely! Sorry, but Mojang's made it much harder and I don't feel it's worth it to try hacking that in...


Feb 02, 2016 mbaxter Release
About CraftIRC3 CraftIRC3 is a highly customizable and flexible plugin which links Minecraft chat and events to Internet Relay Chat (IRC), allowing players to interact with users in local or more broad community channels. Throughout CraftIRC's history, the plugin has been used to link multiple Minecraft servers' chats together, allow administrators to use in-game and console commands and keep commerce, roleplaying, and community spirit alive. Linking IRC to Minecraft with CraftIRC allows...