Jul 03, 2014 mbaxter Planning
Anonymous chat is yours, with Anonymize! All players will be assigned an anonymized nickname, such as Anon123, to hide their identity! Commands and Permissions /unmask - stop anonymizing chat - anonymize.unmask.all /unmask player [anonymized name] - find out the real name of a player - anonymize.unmask.player Configuration NONE YET! Yay!


Jul 12, 2014 mbaxter Release
Introducing the Tag API! This plugin is a plugin tool, much like Vault or SpoutPlugin, for providing additional functionality outside the normal bounds of Bukkit API. What it does Ever wanted your plugin to display a different color above someone's name? Disguise as another player to tease players? Now you can! What it doesn't do The name over your head affects your skin. This is a minecraft client issue. Change entity ID. This means that someone with a modified client can still tell that...