Buddha Mode

Jan 21, 2012 mbaxter Release
God mode with a twist! Protect yourself from dying, while still experiencing the fun of taking damage! Yes, it's Buddha Mode! Ripped from the headlines of Half Life 2, you can take damage up until that last little bit. Installation Download Place into plugins folder Commands To toggle, the command is /buddha You will feel a sense of enlightenment Permissions To be able to toggle, you need the permission: buddha.use For a bonus comment each time you would have died but didn't, give yourself...


Apr 07, 2012 mbaxter Release
DeathLockout is a very simple, straightforward plugin. When a player dies, they are locked out of the server for a short period of time. When that time elapses, they are welcome to join. When kicked on death, and on any attempts before their time is up, the player is informed how much longer they have until they "revive." Configuration: timeout: How many minutes the player is locked out. Default is 30. Permissions: deathlockout.exempt: Anyone with this permission is not knocked off the...


Jun 27, 2012 mbaxter Planning
SQLBans intends to be a simple solution to the lack of a quality, fully configurable, easy to use banning plugin utilizing MySQL to enable multiple servers in one gaming network to operate on a single, shared bans list. This is not a global banning system, this is a local banning system for server admins running multiple servers. This project is currently experimental. Further details will be released soon.


Aug 04, 2012 mbaxter Release
Pester your users! Annoyer seeks to frustrate those with whom you are no longer pleased. Features: Tagged players will experience at random: Notification of block breaks, placements, movement Spontaneous chickens (client-side, no real chickens created) Sudden explosions (client-side, no real explosions occur) Disemvowelment Loss of chat messages And more! Commands /annoy PLAYERNAME /unannoy PLAYERNAME Permissions annoyer.use - Allows a player to annoy others. Credits captainawesome7 for the...


Sep 05, 2012 Celtic_Minstrel Release
DynmapIRC Version: v1.0 This simple plugin bridges Dynmap with the various IRC plugins available. It supports CraftIRC , MonsterIRC, MinecraftBot, and MineIRC. For obvious reasons, this plugin requires you to first install DynMap, as well as one of the aforementioned plugins. It won't load if it can't find both Dynmap and an IRC plugin.


Sep 20, 2012 mbaxter Release
Notched - Exploding Arrows What is Notched? In the 2 Player Productions Trailer, Notch did some messing around with the code to make arrows explode on impact. Notched allows you use this feature in your server! Permissions notched.use Allow player to use exploding arrows notched.unlimited Player is not limited to max explosion size set in the configuration Note: Complicated mode You can enable an optional complicated mode in the config. This creates a file named complicated.yml which contains...


Oct 23, 2012 mbaxter Release
Update Oct 22 2012 - ALPHA VERSION! SEE THE FILES SECTION.. Are your players building at day, but bunker into their houses, when night comes? Make them hunt monsters! At night, when monsters come out, plugin will count how many monsters each player kills. At the end of the night, name of the player with most kills is announced globally. Additionally, you can enable reward to add another way of gathering stuff to the server or to simply motivate players to hunt monsters. Higlights: Ability to...

Tim The Enchanter

Dec 24, 2012 mbaxter Release
Hey everyone! I have here for you a simple plugin which lets you enchant your items. What's so cool about this plugin? You define how you add the enchantments by name! Cool, isn't it? Features Enchant your items! Customize names you can use to add enchantments! Permissions enchanter.enchant lets you enchant your items enchanter.dirty lets you enchant items to levels above that enchantment's normal level (up to level 127!) enchanter.reload lets you reload the list of names for enchantments...

Kitteh Portals

Jan 28, 2013 mbaxter Release
Server Portals Teleport between servers with custom shaped portals! Requirements Currently, this plugin only functions as a method of teleportation between servers on BungeeCord. Thus, BungeeCord is required for use. In the future, I may add support for teleporting within the same server. Configuration An example configuration of a single portal in portals.yml, complete with description of the settings, can be found here. This example configuration is also created on first startup (or any...


Mar 08, 2013 Fishrock123 Release
GeoIPTools GeoIP database library for Bukkit. Features: Supports the GeoIPCountry, GeoIPCity and GeoIPv6 databases. Databases are downloaded automatically and auto updated. Auto update can be disabled or delayed (in days). Databases are only loaded when a plugin requests it. The user can specify from where the databases will be downloaded. The user can specify a path to his own database files (download and auto update feature will be disabled in this case). Permissions via SuperPerms (Bukkit...


Apr 09, 2013 mbaxter Release
Introducing PlayerFlow! PlayerFlow is designed with large servers in mind, with the goal of minimizing chat spam. Too many join and quit messages? Eliminate them! Instead of tedious alerts, PlayerFlow can summarize your server's joins and quits over a period of time (default 1 minute). Have some players who still like getting constant join and quit information? With flexible permissions, you can allow someone to see the constant waves of players. Installation Download PlayerFlow.jar to your...


May 18, 2013 hawkfalcon Beta
Scroll Have you ever wanted a plugin that allows for above-head chatting like in games such as RuneScape, Zelda, or Graal? Scroll allows you to do just that! Description Places all chat above the players head and scrolls it. Features Scrolling chat above head Three modes (detailed below) Chat in tab, too Still logs chat to server log. Modes modedescription allshows normal chat to all players selfshows normal chat self nonedoesn't show normal chat Comments/Requests/Bugs? Leave a comment or...


Aug 03, 2013 gomeow Release
Chester Chester is a chat-bot that can be added to your server. Players can chat to him and from what us, the developers, have found, the responses can be hilarious! Features Logs all messages by players. When Chester is mentioned, he replies with one of his saved messages. Works in any language (except in the beginning, where he stores 3 English sentences) Usage Just chat like normal, and say 'Chester' when you want him to respond Commands None Permissions Negate chester.trigger to stop...


Dec 07, 2013 mbaxter Planning
Curious how horrible your plugin's mangling packets? Trying to debug an odd packet being sent? Look no further, it's Pakkit! Friendly output of packets being sent by your server! Configuration HORRIBLE. Don't use this. Use the commands instead. I will not document this, but I will say that it covers everything you do in commands in a pretty readable way. Commands /pakkit - Does stuff. I'll document this once the plugin's actually complete. Permissions You must be THIS tall to ride Pakkit. And...


Dec 08, 2013 mbaxter Release
About CraftIRC CraftIRC is a highly customizable and flexible plugin which links Minecraft chat and events to Internet Relay Chat (IRC), allowing players to interact with users in local or more broad community channels. Throughout CraftIRC's history, the plugin has been used to link multiple Minecraft servers' chats together, allow administrators to use in-game and console commands and keep commerce, roleplaying, and community spirit alive. Linking IRC to Minecraft with CraftIRC allows...


Jan 19, 2014 mbaxter Release
Easy Vanish Description With this mod, you just need one permission (or you can just be op, no permissions): vanish.vanish Then, you can be invisible to anyone who can't vanish! Want more complex features? Check out VanishNoPacket Installation Put EasyVanish.jar into your plugins folder and restart the server If you are not op, give yourself the permission vanish.vanish Yay! We're done! Commands /vanish Configuration None! Check VanishNoPacket if you want more features! Help Feel free to ask...


Jan 19, 2014 mbaxter Release
A simple plugin for a simple task. Let your important users (VIPs, donors, admins...) join your server regardless of its full status. No more being blocked from admining your own server due to another player being present! No more kicking that poor player for being there! Reserved slots for the guy who hates to kick his players. And for fun, a custom kick-on-full message, including the ability to add color! Permissions softlimit.bypass Bypass the full status of a server Configuration kickmsg...


Jan 26, 2014 mbaxter Release
Change your user's nametags! (That's the name over their head) Requires TagAPI to run. Get it here! Setup Give users the following permissions to apply that color (or formatting) over their head. The order here corresponds to the order of color codes, starting with black (1) and ending in white (f) nametags.color.dark_blue nametags.color.dark_green nametags.color.dark_aqua nametags.color.dark_red nametags.color.dark_purple nametags.color.gray...

Vanish No Packet

Apr 26, 2014 mbaxter Release
VanishNoPacket The unhackable Vanish plugin Download Help | Commands | Configuration | Permissions | Spoutcraft features VanishNoPacket allows players to control if they are visible to the rest of the players on the server. This is excellent for stalking potential bad users (griefers, hacking if you don't allow it, etc), observing players while they remain unaware of your presence. Use TagAPI to color vanished players blue for those who can see them! What makes VanishNoPacket awesome?...


May 11, 2014 mbaxter Release
Note: This plugin is not a magic solution to problems. PluginCatcher PluginCatcher is a development tool for detecting potential plugin-based causes of server crashes. It is a complex plugin which will cause a slight performance hit on your server while it is active, in order to detect risky behavior by plugins. Currently it primarily detects situations that can lead to ConcurrentModificationException. It is important to note that this plugin cannot detect all scenarios leading to such...