Sep 29, 2011 sapu94 Planning
This addon is a joint project by a handful of Wind Traders from The Consortium. The goal for this addon is to help the user level their profession in the cheapest or most profitable manner. The plan is for an interface that shows them what they should craft next and makes it easy for them to buy the mats they need and then perform the crafting. More detailed description to come as the project moves forward...

Craft Ninja

Jul 17, 2011 sapu94 Inactive
Tracks the crafts of people around you. Useful for stalking your AH competitors and figuring out exactly what they are crafting! This addon listens for combat log events caused by other players crafting stuff nearby and provides this info to you in a consolidated and useful manner. This addon also supports using multiple characters at once (on separate accounts of course) for maximum stalking ability. Everything is mostly slash command based. Type '/cn' to print out a list of slash commands....