Jul 03, 2013 watchout Alpha
This is a tokenizer for the Lua language. I put it up as a library so others may benefit from my weird love of creating low-level code. It is written to be run in standard (CLI) Lua 5.1 as well as WoW Lua. The Library is not yet fully featured, but I consider the "API" stable and the tokenizer itself as well. There is a sample parser that outputs HTML in the test folder and some sample WoW Lua parser will follow or will be accessible in the Addon GreaseGoblin. API LuaTokenizer:Tokenize(...)...


Oct 28, 2010 watchout Inactive
LibRingCache is an implementation of a cache that selectively lets the garbage collector collect old items but keeps the newest. See documentation for usage information. Why would you want to use this? Currently you might just have a simple cache table with a _mode = "kv" metatable, but that isn't the best way because when the garbage collector runs, it will collect all entries no matter how old (or recent) they are. This cache implementation will ensure that you will keep your N most recent...