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Feb 25, 2014 xDjBomber Release
EasyPVP for Minecraft 1.6.2 EasyPVP 1.1 What is EasyPVP? EasyPVP is a Player vs Player plugin for even more fun in Minecraft! Feature-List: Set different spawn points for teams Join & leave teams The player name tag will turn the colour of the team you are on (red or blue) Click on signs to get armor & items for fight (Configurable) SuperPermissions supported PermissionsEx supported Anti-team-killing (Configurable next version) ToDo-List: Fix some Bugs (Tell me if you find bugs, please! >...


Aug 18, 2013 xDjBomber Release
AutoPromotion for Minecraft (1.6.2) AutoPromotion v1.3.6b (Release) What is 'AutoPromotion'? Auto-promotion is a plugin allows your users to promote themselves and give them starterkits, completly automatic. Features Users will be promoted by clicking on a sign or use the command /Promote 2 Configs, for more structures! You can give the players some starterarmour and other equipment If you don't want a starterset or some other items, just have to write '0' into the config Configurable...


Jul 25, 2013 xDjBomber Release
OpNotifer v1.0 OpNotifer is a plugin, for more secure, to the server owners, the plugin will write broadcasts if a op logging in, so you can see, if u know the op, or not and ban. Feature-List: If a op joins on the server, the server will post a broadcast message like this: "[Admin] xDjBomber joined the Game" If a op leave the server, the server will post a broadmessage like this: "[Admin] xDjBomber left the Game" Configurable welcome message for the ops, like this: "xDjBomber, welcome you...

AdminTools [All-In]

Mar 07, 2012 only1swatguy Alpha
Admins-Tools [All-In] Admin-Tools [All-In] v1.0 ALPHA - Release! Admin-Tools, is a plugin which made lifes for admins a lot easier, because of our imported plugins, now you can use All-IN-ONE! Features: Automatically promotes your defaults (Version 1.0) Automatically changes the time to day/night (configurable) (Version 1.0) Our plugins are imported (Version 1.0) Saves inventory of your player (Version 1.2) Broadcast-Message poster, will be integrated. (Version 1.0) Super-Permissions...


Mar 05, 2012 Blackixx Inactive
Two teams will fight against each other: Every Team has an own spawn with a big base. The two bases are somewhere at the map. At start you can join a team and fight with your friends. You gain 1 point for every kill and 25 points if your team had killed 50 enemies. For points, you can buy weapons, heal yourself or buy big cool extras. Features: Set your spawn-points Join a team Set the names of the teams Set the price of the things a player can buy Gain points with killing enemies Set the...
  • 5 bukkit plugins found