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Jan 27, 2015 xDjBomber Release
EasyListener is a VAULT-Listener that reward your players with money, items or EXP when they vote on your voteservice. Added permissions-reward system Fixed economy reward system New config structure New Command /ListenerUpdate (needs AutoUpdate enabled) v1.5 Fixed broadcasts, economy, 1.8 errors Playermessages fixed Added /Votesites Command (configurable) Send them messages when they vote, only for the specific player Use english or german language. Configurable money and items. Set the...


Jan 18, 2015 xDjBomber Release
EasyPVP v2.1 (Release) Hey Guys, i just made a new Version of EasyPVP, because the Beta was bad. EasyPVP v2.1 runs on Bukkit 1.8 Changelog EasyPVP v2.1: Fixed Item/Armor Bug. Maintenance is now saved to the config.yml Rods of live implemented. (If 'REVIVESTONE' true in config, players have a chance to get a rod of live, who will heal the player to maximum health on death instead of death. Percentchance for rods can be configurated (0.1 = 10%, 1=100%) Added MySQL Support (not implemented yet,...


Jan 03, 2015 xDjBomber Release
AutoPromotion for Minecraft (1.7.9 / 1.8) AutoPromotion RELOADED What is 'AutoPromotion'? Auto-promotion is a plugin allows your users to promote themselves and give them starterkits, completly automatic. Features Users will be promoted by using /promote You can give the players some starterarmour and tools. If you don't want a starterset or some other items, just have to write '0' into the config Configurable broadcast messages like this: '<Name> <is now promoted>' (Is now promoted means the...


Jul 25, 2013 xDjBomber Release
OpNotifer v1.0 OpNotifer is a plugin, for more secure, to the server owners, the plugin will write broadcasts if a op logging in, so you can see, if u know the op, or not and ban. Feature-List: If a op joins on the server, the server will post a broadcast message like this: "[Admin] xDjBomber joined the Game" If a op leave the server, the server will post a broadmessage like this: "[Admin] xDjBomber left the Game" Configurable welcome message for the ops, like this: "xDjBomber, welcome you...

AdminTools [All-In]

Mar 07, 2012 only1swatguy Alpha
Admins-Tools [All-In] Admin-Tools [All-In] v1.0 ALPHA - Release! Admin-Tools, is a plugin which made lifes for admins a lot easier, because of our imported plugins, now you can use All-IN-ONE! Features: Automatically promotes your defaults (Version 1.0) Automatically changes the time to day/night (configurable) (Version 1.0) Our plugins are imported (Version 1.0) Saves inventory of your player (Version 1.2) Broadcast-Message poster, will be integrated. (Version 1.0) Super-Permissions...


Mar 05, 2012 Blackixx Inactive
Two teams will fight against each other: Every Team has an own spawn with a big base. The two bases are somewhere at the map. At start you can join a team and fight with your friends. You gain 1 point for every kill and 25 points if your team had killed 50 enemies. For points, you can buy weapons, heal yourself or buy big cool extras. Features: Set your spawn-points Join a team Set the names of the teams Set the price of the things a player can buy Gain points with killing enemies Set the...
  • 6 bukkit plugins found