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How to upload your mod to SkyrimForge wishfire wishfire Nov 10, 2011
This guide's sole purpose is to guide you through the steps on how to create and upload your projects to SkyrimForge; giving your projects maximum exposure. Creating a Project Click "Create Project" in the menu. If doing this from the main Curseforge site instead of Skyrimforge SkyrimForge, make sure you select "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim". You're now presented with several fields: Name: This is the name of your project, example: "Deadly Reflex". Remember that you can't change your name...
SkyrimForge FAQ wishfire wishfire Nov 10, 2011
What's SkyrimForge all about anyway? This website has been co-developed by a ong-standing, respected member of the World of Warcraft AddOn Author Community: Kaelten, Administrator of WoWAce. The goals of SkyrimForge are simple: to create a developer-friendly hosting platform for all of your modding needs. Why move project management to SkyrimForge? has been, from the outset, designed more as a download website than a project management website. This is the main advantage SkyrimForge...
Resources for new Authors Ackis Ackis Oct 04, 2013
Introduction A common question that gets asked is "where can I start to learn to code?" This is a knowledge base article which will attempt to help with this. The first question you should ask yourself is what is Lua? Lua is a powerful light-weight programming language designed for extending applications. It is often used as a configuration language. Lua is not an acronym. It is the Portuguese word for "moon". Where can I go for help? After reading through these resources, if you still need...
Projects / Mar 09, 2014
.docmeta file ckknight prencher Jul 15, 2012
.pkgmeta file ckknight Arrowmaster Dec 06, 2011
Changing Descriptions ckknight ckknight Jul 12, 2011
Cloning ckknight ckknight Jul 12, 2011
Encodings, or: Validating UTF8 anmoch ckknight Jul 12, 2011
Getting started with Project Management Zyuu ckknight Mar 09, 2014
How to file tickets ckknight ckknight Jul 12, 2011
Library Setup Ackis Ackis Jul 12, 2011
Localizing your project ckknight Torhal Nov 08, 2011
Packaging an Addon Xinhuan Torhal Apr 12, 2013
Reclaiming your abandoned or inactive project Ackis Torhal Oct 16, 2011
What to do after creating a project ckknight Torhal Jul 12, 2011
Repositories / Nov 18, 2014
Convert SVN to GIT Ackis Torhal Jul 15, 2014
How to use TortoiseSVN over SSH in 3½ easy steps Snago ckknight Mar 09, 2014
Repository FAQ ckknight Xinhuan Nov 18, 2014
Repository keyword substitutions ckknight Torhal Aug 26, 2013
SSH Public Keys ckknight ckknight Jul 12, 2011
Why use Revision Control? ckknight anmoch Jul 12, 2011
Knowledge Base / Feb 05, 2015
Admin/ Dec 14, 2013
How to Approve Projects and Files ckknight ckknight Dec 14, 2013
Common Issues FAQ Ackis Ackis Jul 12, 2011
Markup Types Kaelten prencher Dec 13, 2013
Policy/ Nov 27, 2013
Abandoned and Inactive Projects Kaelten Torhal Nov 27, 2013
Drama Kaelten Kaelten Jul 12, 2011
Executable Files Ackis Ackis Jul 12, 2011
Project Acceptance Policy ckknight Torhal Oct 30, 2013
Projects/ Aug 29, 2014
File Statuses Ackis Torhal Aug 29, 2014
Store/ Feb 05, 2015
Author Reward Points Ackis Torhal Feb 05, 2015
Domestic Taxes Kaelten Torhal Feb 05, 2015
International Taxes Ackis Torhal Feb 05, 2015
Tax Information Ackis Torhal Feb 05, 2015
Trinium Changelog prencher prencher Apr 28, 2012
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