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This is a list of staff that works on CurseForge and WowAce.

Curse Staff

These are actual employees of Curse.

  • Bryan "Kaelten" McLemore - Team Manager
  • Thomas "prencher" Johansson - Lead Developer
  • Denny "Torhal" Callahan - This is the guy who you want to send all your questions to. He loves answering them, so send him all the questions you like.
  • Kayla "Wishfire" Broussard - Product Manager

Global Moderators

These are moderators who work on both CurseForge and WowAce.

  • Ackis - Super Moderator
  • Stanzilla - Moderator
  • Myrroddin - Moderator

WowAce Moderators

These are moderators of WowAce only.

CurseForge Moderators

These are moderators of CurseForge only.