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Author Reward Points Ackis Ackis Jun 01, 2013
How many points are given out? Author Reward Points are allocated to a reward points pool every month. The amount of points added to the pool is based on a percentage of revenue generated through Curse Premium Sales. When is points generation done? Points generation is conducted daily. A portion of the overall allocation of points is given out each day. If you don't get points during a day, it means something may have gone wrong, but don't worry you won't lose out on any points. What happens...
Domestic Taxes Kaelten Torhal Oct 20, 2014
Please note, this KB page is currently in draft form. Purpose If you are an US-Citizen you must fill out a W-9 form if you will be redeeming more than $600 worth in points (currently works out to be 12000 points). Where to get the form The one page W-9 form can be downloaded here. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view it. Included in the form is the general instructions of how to fill it out. Submitting the form There are multiple ways to submit the form, please choose the one that's...
International Taxes Ackis Torhal Aug 06, 2013
Please note, this KB is currently in draft form. Purpose If you are an international (aka not a citizen of the USA) you must fill out a W-8BEN form if you will be redeeming more than $600 worth in points (works out to be 12000 points). This form essentially states that you are not required to pay any income tax. The form will be kept by Curse and not submitted to the IRS. You will have to claim any income earned via the Rewards Program as income within your own country. These documents will...
Tax Information Ackis Kaelten Aug 27, 2012
Why Curse needs tax information Section 6041(a) of the Internal Revenue Code, and associated regulations and rulings, generally requires us to file an information return for payments made to each participant in the Curse Rewards Program who receives payments of $600 (currently 12000 points) or more in any tax year. This reporting requirement applies to redemptions of Points for cash and to redemptions of Points other than for cash, including redemptions for gift cards and the like. What tax...
  • 4 pages found