Curse Skyrim Challenge ending soon!

Posted by Xenius01 Jan 17, 2012 at 17:55 UTC


We have an important announcement to make about the ongoing Skyrim $15,000 challenge!

The Skyrim 15k challenge is nearing its end. If you would like to participate you can still do so, just make sure you submit your mod before the deadline. So far over 160 mods have been uploaded to Skyrim Forge and the amount is still growing daily.

To look back on the contest we have listed all of the mod highlights that we have done so far below. We will keep doing these regularly, so don’t worry if your mod has not been featured yet, it might just be the next one!

Skyrim First Week Modding Highlights
Curse Skyrim Challenge Update and Modder Interviews!
First of three-day mod features, and exciting Curse Skyrim $15k giveaway update!
Mod Feature Highlight - Day 2
Mod Feature Highlight - Day 3
New Mod Video Features!
Happy Holidays from Curse - Skyrim Style!
New Video: Introducing Weightless Items and the Recipe Bundle!
Mod interview with KrimsonLust
Mod interview with Shawkab

The categories “UI/Maps” and “Dungeons/Quests” are still open! Mods uploaded under these categories will still be eligible for the prizes listed on the chart.



If your mod falls under one of the closed categories it does not mean that you are entirely out of luck! If the mod submitted would have been an eligible submission, it will be entered in our $3,000 grand prize giveaway so long as it’s submitted before our deadline, January 31st.

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Mod interview with Shawkab

Posted by Xenius01 Jan 06, 2012 at 10:02 UTC

Today we will take a look at Hillside Home Quest, a mod created by Shawkab.


While we are still waiting for the Creation Kit to get released various mods have been created that were thought to be impossible at this moment, like new quests and player homes. Shawkab’s Hillside Home Quest is one of those creations.

This mod will not only add a new player home to the game, but also a quest that needs to be completed in order to obtain it. So that means you will have to do a little more than paying a sum of gold to get access to your new home! It all starts in Breezehome, the player home situated in Whiterun. Before installing this mod, make sure you have the house fully decorated, or else the quest will not start. The quest itself will be more challenging than most quests in the game; due to the lack of any map markers you will have to do some exploration to complete it.




Find out more about the creation process of this mod below.

What was your inspiration for creating this mod?
The location was my main inspiration, I found it way before I knew anything about modding and wanted to have a house there.

How much time have you spent developing it?
Way too much... Everything needs to be placed individually, I found a few tricks to make it a little simpler for me but I think we're looking at around 40+ hours for this one so far, most of that was spent after I released the beta because of bugs, etc.

Did you come across any problems while working on your mod?
A lot, The problem right now is I can't create a NAV Mesh (Navigation Mesh,) which allows spouses/companions to move and live in your house, this is something I wanted to keep intact but I slowly realized how impossible it would be to keep in.
Since I released this mod I have had to recreate the entire thing from scratch, placing every piece of celery and every wall individually so that it could be in its own Cell (zone.) I also had issues with bookshelves, weapon racks, and mannequins which were activating oddly during a load... they're now working 100% for my 0.2 update.

Has it been difficult for you to mod without the Creation Kit?
I guess with my complaining so far it would seem so :)
It's hard, but I find it is the best way to learn. Things may be hard now but when they become easy, it will just seem that much easier for those who learned it the hard way after the construction kit is released.

What tools did you use in the development process of your mod?
TESSnip, FNVEdit, and a small amount of GECK to create a new Cell.

Are you planning to make any changes to your mod when the Creation Kit is available?
I still think I can make most of the changes before the CK, but after the CK I plan to add a Navigation Mesh which allows players to have their followers and spouses come in the house with them. I want to eventually code a house pet, or a personal maid, etc.

Could you tell us about any other mods you have planned for the future?
I like doing things that no one else does, pushing what is possible at the moment so I am always learning something. I have a few ideas for some quests, and more houses. When I learn something new I try to make something out of all I have learned.
Right now I'm working on a quest for thieves. It will include a underground passage under a major city, and inside the passage there will be ten chests. To receive the contents of those chests you will need to find the 10 keys that open the chests; these ten keys are hidden throughout the city. The keys can be somewhere as simple as a barrel, but as difficult as a Jarl's bedroom in a locked strongbox, or maybe even in the Jarl's pocket. You might even find notes leading you to some of the harder keys.

Do you have any advice for others who would like to start modding?
If you really love Skyrim, finish it first, then start modding. Modding can tend to taint your perspective of the game.
With that said, just jump in, it’s fun as hell and there are tons of tutorials and resources online right now, specially for texturing and modeling.

Thanks to Shawkab for creating this mod and for participating in the interview.

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Skyrim $15,000 Challenge Update

Posted by Xenius01 Jan 04, 2012 at 20:34 UTC


Curse has an exciting announcement to make about the ongoing Skyrim $15,000 challenge!

The NPCs/Character contest category has been the second category to hit the 35 submission limit! This means that we've given out our prize pool for the "NPCs/Character" subsection of the contest. Any mods that are submitted that would fall under this category will no longer be eligible to earn the prize amounts listed on our Skyrim contest chart below.

Only the following categories are still eligible:

- Dungeons/Quests
- UI/Maps


However, that doesn't mean that you're entirely out of luck! If the mod submitted would have been an eligible submission, it will be entered in our $3,000 grand prize giveaway so long as it's submitted before our deadline, January 31st.

Keep those mods coming! We're excited to have already given out that much cash to authors. Thanks to all of you for sharing your hard work and creativity with us!

Happy New Years 2012

Posted by Sixen Jan 01, 2012 at 08:28 UTC

Happy New Year everybody! We wish you a happy 2012! Be safe and enjoy New Years Day!

Mod interview with KrimsonLust

Posted by Xenius01 Dec 28, 2011 at 16:40 UTC

Today we will be featuring two mods created by KrimsonLust: Female Warpaints and Male Warpaints.

The character creation system of Skyrim brought us a lot of new features that were not present in its predecessor Oblivion, allowing us to customize our characters even more. One of those features is the ability to choose from a selection of warpaint patterns.

When the Creation Kit for Skyrim is available this will likely be one of the aspects that will be expanded upon by many mod authors, similar to what happened with eyes and hairstyles for Oblivion.

We still have to wait until the Creation Kit gets released in January, but KrimsonLust already went ahead and created two mods that replace 20 existing warpaint patterns, 10 for each gender. The designs vary in style, which makes them suitable for different characters and races. You will still be able to use the race-specific warpaint, as these mods only replace the generic warpaint that is available to all races (except the beast races).

Find out more about the creation process of these mods below.


What was the inspiration for the creation of your mods?
My inspiration for creating the warpaints was at first because I wanted my character to have more of a tribal look. After posting my first few I started getting requests for different warpaints so I continued doing it for other people.

How much time have you spent on the development?
Each warpaint only takes me about 20 minutes. A pack of ten warpaints can take up to 4 hours. It can be a bit time consuming because most of the time if I change a file in the texture folder it doesn't register in the game until I restart it. I haven't found a better way to view the warpaints as I create them... yet :)

Did you come across any problems while working on these mods?
The warpaints are fairly straight forward and easily done since you are only working with a black and white picture. The only problem I have really encountered is where the image stretches on certain faces, but that isn't anything I can really fix.

What tools did you use in the process of making your mods?
To edit the .dds files I use Photoshop CS5 and my trusty Wacom Graphire tablet.

Currently your war paint mods are replacements, will you change them into add-ons when the Creation Kit is available?
Yes, I will change the warpaints to be add-ons so people will have the option to keep the original warpaints if they desire.

Are you planning to add more content to your current mods?
No, the warpaint packs that are out will stay the same for now, but I will be making additional packs for males and females to download, as well as taking more requests.

Do you have any advice for others who would like to start modding?
Start with something you're interested in, or something you have skill in. It was easy for me to edit texture files because I have skill with Photoshop. Don't get frustrated if something doesn't work right away. Take a break and come back to it and it will probably be something simple that you overlooked... either that or search the forums :)

Could you tell us about any other mods you have planned for the future?
I'm currently learning how to mesh with 3d studio max because I've been wanting to design my own armor and amulets, so stay tuned :)

Thanks to KrimsonLust for creating these mods and for participating in the interview.

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