Private Message "ghosts" fixed

Posted by Torhal Feb 17, 2012 at 17:34 UTC

Though this actually happened last week, no announcement was ever made about this highly-annoying site bug. Enjoy!

Skyrim Creation Kit tutorials

Posted by Xenius01 Feb 15, 2012 at 22:44 UTC


Bethesda currently has an ongoing series of tutorial videos for Skyrim's Creation Kit. These videos cover various subjects, such as building interiors, placing objects, adding enemies to the world and more. If you would like to start modding Skyrim, these tutorials are a good place to start!



The other episodes can be found here:
Episode 2 - Basic Layout
Episode 3 - Basic Layout II
Episode 4 - Clutter
Episode 5 - Navmesh
Episode 6 - Basic Encounters
Epidose 7 - Traps
Episode 8 - Optimization

Once you have successfully created a mod you can use our packager to pack it up and then upload it to SkyrimForge to make it available for everyone.

Testers Wanted -- Saved Game Sync Coming to Curse Client!

Posted by wishfire Feb 14, 2012 at 19:27 UTC
Greetings, SkyrimForge! We at Curse have an exciting announcement to make, and can't wait to get some testers for a brand new, upcoming feature in our Curse Client!

IntroducingSaved Game Sync! The Curse Client's new Saved Game Sync allows you to upload saves from any game and access them anywhere you are logged into the Curse client! Below are the features this has to offer:
  • Saves uploading to a central cloud on the Curse servers, accessible at any time
  • Up to five revisions of each file, so you'll never have a corrupted save
  • Regular users will receive 2 file slots with 2 revisions, Premium users receive 100 file slots with 5 revisions!
  • Easy to use interface and simple one-click restoration and syncing
  • Ability to rename saves (with no rename limit!) for simple file recognition

It would help us immensely if you could take a few moments to test this out! Below are the simple instructions on how to get started:
Keep in mind you'll also need to have Skyrim installed to use this feature!

How to Use Saved Game Sync

To use Saved Game Sync, simply launch the Curse Client and follow these three easy steps:
1. Click the Saved Games button in the toolbar:
2. Check the 'Enabled Saved Game Sync' checkbox:
</center> 3. Check each saved game you want to include the sync, or click the 'Sync All' button. For reference, see the opening image of this post.

That's all! We greatly appreciate your participation and feedback with this exciting new feature! We're excited about this new feature, and we'd love to hear your feedback.
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Skyrim official texture pack comparison

Posted by Xenius01 Feb 13, 2012 at 20:30 UTC


Last week Bethesda released the free to download High Resolution Texture Pack on Steam, together with the Creation Kit. Snoopey0 has created a video comparing Skyrim's original textures with the new high resolution ones. If you're not sure yet whether or not to install this pack, watch the video below to see the difference.


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Video highlight: Chinchilla Dave's Skyrim Adventure

Posted by Xenius01 Feb 10, 2012 at 16:05 UTC


Today we will be featuring Chinchilla Dave’s videos. On YouTube he has an ongoing series of videos about his adventures in Skyrim, combined with hilarious commentary. Check them out if you enjoy comedy and watching how others play the game!

Here's one of the episodes:

<center><address></address></center> <address>You can find the full YouTube playlist here</address><address>More videos can be found on Chinchilla Dave's Channel</address>
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