The Skyrim $15,000 Challenge Terms of Service

Posted by Kaelten Nov 10, 2011 at 19:54 UTC

Below you will find the official Terms of Service and criteria for participation in's Skyrim $15,000 Challenge.

General Judging Criteria

  1. Mod quality will be reviewed by individuals on the SkyrimForge queue assigned to Skyrim
  2. All submissions will be manually reviewed
  3. Moderators reserve the right to deny a file if it does not meet applicable standards
  4. Submitted mods must be available for download through and be usable to qualify
  5. Quality, in the end, is up to the Curse staff to determine based upon the following factors:
  • Imagination
  • Usefulness
  • Time and effort required
  1. Winners will be chosen at the Curse Staff’s discretion
  2. Curse employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to enter or win
  3. Winners will be paid every Friday, via Paypal.
  4. Winners must have a Paypal account in order to receive payment.
  5. Authors must keep their mod(s) on Curse for thirty (30) days.

Mod Category Requirements

UI or Map mods

  1. Must change something significant/noticeable about the map or UI
  • Must be useful in some capacity, ‘junk’ mods to simply attempt to get into the contest will not be accepted
  • Aesthetic mods are acceptable so long as they overhaul something of significance

NPC or Character mods

  1. Must change or add something significant to the character creation process and/or the character itself, or to the NPC(s) in question
  2. Bug fixes or tweaks to ‘broken’ or bugged NPCs are permissible, provided the NPC is of some importance
  3. NPCs, if added, should serve a purpose for being there

Weapons and armor

  1. Armor should be fully functional within the game
  • Meshes must be either entirely new, or significantly and noticeably modified from game files
  1. Weapons should be fully functional within the game
  • Meshes must fit animations properly
  • Meshes must be either entirely new, or significantly and noticeably modified from game files

Quests and dungeons

  1. Quests should have significant story and depth
  • Must be fully functional and integrated
  • Must have a reward tied to the end of the quest chain
  • Must have engaging lore tied in to quest
  1. Dungeons should have significant length and provide a sense of accomplishment when completed
  • Must be fully functional and integrated
  • Does not necessarily need a huge reward, but should be worthwhile
  • Must not be carbon-copied from another dungeon within the game, should have significant changes if using another dungeon as base
  • If fixing or expanding upon a dungeon already in-game, the mod must make meaningful changes and serve a purpose


  1. Submission deadline to be considered for the $3k bonus is January 31st
  • Mods uploaded between 11/11/11 and 1/31/12 are eligible
  1. Winners announced on or around February 3rd

Curse $15,000 Skyrim Modding Challenge!

Posted by wishfire Nov 10, 2011 at 23:02 UTC

Introducing the Curse $15,000 Skyrim Challenge!

Love the Elder Scrolls series and can’t wait for Skyrim?  We do and we’re looking for mod authors to help us in making creative, useful, and imaginative mods to play with after the game launches!  With the new, unleash your creativity with loads of development tools meant to streamline your mod-sharing process.

The first 35 uploaded Skyrim mods that meet our approval guidelines in each of the four main categories, will earn some phat loot to line the pockets of their authors!

Mods must be uploaded to by December 15th, and meet all criteria established by Curse moderators.

The categories and money rewards are as follows:

That’s a total of 140 mods that can potentially earn some cash!  Want to enter more than one mod?  No problem!

But wait...We’re also going to give an additional $3,000 to the author who creates the best mod, uploaded between now and December 15th, and voted the winner by Curse staff!

On December 17th, we’ll announce the grand prize winner and highlight their mod to the community as a thanks for all their hard work and dedication!

For full challenge terms of service, visit this link.

$15k Skyrim Challenge and SkyrimForge Updates!

Posted by wishfire Nov 14, 2011 at 23:30 UTC
Greetings, everyone! We'd like to announce that we've extended the deadline for our modding contest! The new deadline is now January 31st, 2012. We feel that hopefully this should give you all plenty of time for both the toolkit to be released, and for you to be able to create whatever you've envisioned over the weekend of Skyrim playing! The new announcement date for the Grand Prize $3,000 winner is on or around February 3rd.

Don't forget that we're also hard at work on getting Skyrim mods into our Curse Client! This feature should be released soon, the main benefits are twofold: It will not only make installation easier for the userbase, but it will also add your mod into our searchable database within the Client. This means more happy mod users and easier mod discovery for you!

With the update to our Client also comes an update to our Author Rewards program. Not only will we be more transparent with how this system works with all of our authors, but we'll also be handing out even more offerings and swag! The new program will be announced as soon as it's ready, and we can't wait to be able to reward all of you even better.

(Chef Lydia kindly thanks you for your time!)

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Skyrim First Week Modding Highlights

Posted by wishfire Nov 18, 2011 at 02:52 UTC

Want to mod Skyrim and don't really know where to start?  Featured below are four exceptional mods that really enhance Skyrim.  These mods all do something significant that really can make the game far more immersive.  You can find all these mods and more at our Skyrim Mod Portal!

Found in this featured list is a complete revamp of the world map that makes it even more useful.  There's also textures for Elven weapons, male characters, and even a work-in-progress retexture of Whiterun; making all of these elements even more beautiful than they were before that can help you customize your Skyrim experience for the better.  

We've also included links to their personal pages, so you can watch for future updates or leave them comments!

Please remember that we will be doing many community spotlights such as featured mods and interviews among authors, so don't fret if you're not listed! If there's a mod in our community that you think should be featured next go 'round, please bring it to my -- Wishfire's -- attention.

<span style="font-size: medium;">World Map in Full 3D</span>

Mikanoshi has managed to create a mod for the world map that allows you to zoom in so far that you are virtually almost along the ground, able to explore areas in complete and full detail. And we do mean detailed: all NPC houses, landmarks, and everything else in the world is viewable on the map from any angle and distance you can think of.

There's plans to add even more functionality to support viewing the map indoors and in towns once the toolkit arrives.

Sounds too good to be true? Watch a video of the map in action here, where you can see Riverwood in full detail! 


Elven Weapon Retex Pack

Weapons in Skyrim, especially Elven, were already quite pretty. However, TrueChaos137 has created six special textures to make all the various Elven weapons even more gorgeous, vibrant, and detailed. To top it all off, he's even taking requests for more colors!

With Gold, Silver, Blue, Red, Light, and Dark retextures to choose from for every weapon type, there's certainly something for everyone in this pack. These crisp, colourful textures bring the Elven weapons to life, and up to speed with the rest of the beauty of Skyrim.  TrueChaos137 plans to expand his modding portfolio for Skyrim when the toolkit is released, with plans for Quests, Dungeons, and even all new weapons!

The above screenshot of one of the greatswords the mod updates with the Dark retexture, far more dynamic and vivid than the original.


<span style="font-size: medium;">Chris2012's HQ Texture Pack Whiterun (WIP)</span>

While a work in progress, graphic artist Alin Cristian from Romania -- known on Skyrimforge as Chris2012 -- has already reworked approximately 60 of the most encountered textures in Whiterun, and it's most certainly noticeable.

Redrawing the textures at up to four times the original resolution, this mod makes Whiterun look sharper with even more detail while still keeping the original feel that the city has. The most commonly encountered textures have already been reworked with more (and varied!) normal and specular maps, and the mod will be further updated eventually supporting all of Whiterun's textures.

Below is a shot proving just how much attention to detail this author has. Even more screenshots, as well as comparison shots, can be seen in the screenshot section of his mod. 

<span style="font-size: medium;">

<span style="font-size: medium;">I Wash - New Skin for Skyrim</span>

Aed3 has gone and retextured the male characters of Skyrim, removing whatever aversion to water they may have had.

This mod removes all the dirt, moles, bruises, insects, zits, and ingrown hairs on each and every playable male character in the game, making their skin nice, clean, and smooth. The best part about it is that the textures are high quality, and male characters still completely fit into the game - now ready to adventure all squeaky clean.

Above is a screenshot showing off a Redguard's fresh makeover.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out all the fantastic mods we host at our Skyrim portal!

Curse Client Skyrim Support in Beta - Looking for Testers!

Posted by wishfire Nov 23, 2011 at 01:19 UTC
<center></center> Hey guys!
We're proud to announce that Skyrim and Oblivion will soon be integrated into our Curse Client! What we're looking for is a group of a testers who will be happy to grab this beta client and poke at every feature we have to give us as much detailed feedback as possible to make sure that this is the best product we could put out there! Both Skyrim mods and Oblivion mods are acceptable for this, so feel free to upload any older mods you may have created! We want you to test every aspect possible for the best variety of feedback. Features included in this beta test version will be:
  • Activation and Deactivation
  • Load Order sorting
  • Install and uninstall support
  • One click updates
  • Client-based addon discovery - Want more addons? Just click "Get More Addons" and select the proper game from the dropdown list!
Testing will begin <u>around Wednesday, November 30th</u>. Remember that this is just a first beta test as well; far more features are going to be implemented, especially ones that come from feedback from you guys! PM me, Wishfire, if you are interested!
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