The Skyrim $15,000 Challenge Terms of Service


Below you will find the official Terms of Service and criteria for participation in's Skyrim $15,000 Challenge.

General Judging Criteria

  1. Mod quality will be reviewed by individuals on the SkyrimForge queue assigned to Skyrim
  2. All submissions will be manually reviewed
  3. Moderators reserve the right to deny a file if it does not meet applicable standards
  4. Submitted mods must be available for download through and be usable to qualify
  5. Quality, in the end, is up to the Curse staff to determine based upon the following factors:
  • Imagination
  • Usefulness
  • Time and effort required
  1. Winners will be chosen at the Curse Staff’s discretion
  2. Curse employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to enter or win
  3. Winners will be paid every Friday, via Paypal.
  4. Winners must have a Paypal account in order to receive payment.

Mod Category Requirements

UI or Map mods

  1. Must change something significant/noticeable about the map or UI
  • Must be useful in some capacity, ‘junk’ mods to simply attempt to get into the contest will not be accepted
  • Aesthetic mods are acceptable so long as they overhaul something of significance

NPC or Character mods

  1. Must change or add something significant to the character creation process and/or the character itself, or to the NPC(s) in question
  2. Bug fixes or tweaks to ‘broken’ or bugged NPCs are permissible, provided the NPC is of some importance
  3. NPCs, if added, should serve a purpose for being there

Weapons and armor

  1. Armor should be fully functional within the game
  • Meshes must be either entirely new, or significantly and noticeably modified from game files
  1. Weapons should be fully functional within the game
  • Meshes must fit animations properly
  • Meshes must be either entirely new, or significantly and noticeably modified from game files

Quests and dungeons

  1. Quests should have significant story and depth
  • Must be fully functional and integrated
  • Must have a reward tied to the end of the quest chain
  • Must have engaging lore tied in to quest
  1. Dungeons should have significant length and provide a sense of accomplishment when completed
  • Must be fully functional and integrated
  • Does not necessarily need a huge reward, but should be worthwhile
  • Must not be carbon-copied from another dungeon within the game, should have significant changes if using another dungeon as base
  • If fixing or expanding upon a dungeon already in-game, the mod must make meaningful changes and serve a purpose


  1. Submission deadline to be considered for the $3k bonus is December 15th
  • Mods uploaded between 11/11/11 and 12/15/11 are eligible
  1. Winners announced on or around December 17th