chris2012s whiterun hq texture pack

chris2012s hq texture pack whiterun v0.6

Change log

Version 0.6

Some house wood textures remade
Some interior castle wood remade + the castle walls inside
Some of the "boat-like" structure wood remade
Better city wall / city wall plaster blending

Version 0.52

Fixed an issue with the city wall texture normal map when a top light (sun) was present

Version 0.51

Updated 9 normal/specular maps to create more varied/rough bumpiness
Updated 2 older textures

Version 0.5

More reworked textures
Better blending between the ground texture/the stone walls
New ground texture with more detail and better coloring / moss coloring
Better bumpiness on some of the older wood textures

Version 0.41

Changed most of the textures to contain more micro and macro detail

Version 0.4

Added 11 carpet textures
Changed a couple of old textures
Added a few textures

Version 0.31

Added few textures

Version 0.3

Added few more textures
Changed the normal / alpha maps to increase specularity / bumpiness on some textures
All textures are now max 2048x2048

Version 0.2

Fixed transparent wall texture
Fixed a couple of patches of dirt to blend better
Changed the coloring a bit on a few textures to match the original better
Added a few more textures

Known caveats

There's an issue few users have been reporting about getting purple textures, however this has nothing to do with the mod itself and more to do with how the engine handles resources (in other words higher resolution textures).


Uploaded on
Nov 18, 2011
Game version
    133.2 MiB