Violet Death

COOL ITEMS PACKAGE 1.2 by Chachanshen 01/11/2012


Cool items package sold by Belethor. Main file includes previous items including UPDATE1 and UPDATE2.


14 Unique weapons 2 Apparel Sets

Fixed some minor bugs Fixed some item models not showing correctly


Extract into you Skyrim root directory and overwrite the DATA folder.

At the launcher screen, select DATA FILES. Check the COOLITEMS1_2.ESP (Uncheck other plug ins to ensure maximum compatibility).


If Belethor is dead, missing or just plain retarded, open console and type: player.placeatme 0009caf8



1. Handski - Handskian Armor Set, Ivory and Venetian Cloaks Textures

2. Cello - Cheongsam Rose Apparel Textures

3. Sangre - Ianna, Hook Sword, Doubleblade Textures and Models

4. Kerfank - Excalibur Texture and Model

5. Gizmodian - Gizmodian Blade & Edge Textures and Models


1. Hentai - Seraphim Blade model and texture

2. Adonnay - Hadhafang model and texture

3. Ancestral Ghost - Daedric Crescent model and texture

4. Jojjo - Frostmourne and Frostvain model and texture

5. Nicos - Ebony Nicos model and texture

6. Deus-19581 - Ninjutsu Kama model and texture

7. L33Nexus - Death Scythe model and texture


1. BerserkerMonk - Aurumere texture

2. Phate3 - Stajr texture

3. Bittermace - Ogramak texture

4. MelodicShredder - Pinkutaichi texture

5. LetoKolente - Auric Bow texture

6. Ero - Portcullis texture

7. Quetzlsacatanango - file.nif texture paths

8. Seycho - Seychos texture

9. Shokkimonkii & Invalidfate - Yamato mesh and texture & porting

10. 747823 - Umbra texture

11.Lucumbration - Lucumbra texture

12.Nickoli - Malleus Obsicum (obsidian) texture

13.Zxeddery - Zsedry Arrow (skyrim) texture

14.N1kko & Burntbicuit - Sword of Aeons texture

15.MelodicShredder- Hell Slasher Blade texture

16.NIHS - Chrome Razor mesh and texture

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  • Avatar of Chachanshen Chachanshen Jan 20, 2012 at 08:35 UTC - 0 likes


    Request noted. For the OP enchanted weapons, they have their normal vanilla counterparts in the game. Stay away from Mythic Weapons unless you are a casual gamer and cares only for the story, and not the game mechanics. =)

    Last edited Jan 30, 2012 by Chachanshen

    There is a console in real life. It's called gaming.

  • Avatar of Demoche Demoche Jan 20, 2012 at 07:57 UTC - 0 likes

    Basically, i like the mod, bit OP in some cases but you said as much in description in other words i got what i downloaded. A couple of requests 1/ could you make a version of the weapons/armors without the enchantments? 2/ if possible could you make the auric bow have the flame? effect that the aefnir bow has? I like both and am having difficulty picking which one to use. 3/ Make a version of the nightingale hood with a cape similar to the Venetian cloak(?), but keeping the nightingale colouring?

    In any case many thanks.

  • Avatar of Chachanshen Chachanshen Jan 15, 2012 at 03:13 UTC - 0 likes

    Ah! Sorry for that. The package was merged with my GOD items package. You'll have to restrain yourself from using those OP items. Nevertheless, there are a lot of items that are unique and game friendly to choose from.

    I advise you not to forge the MYTHIC weapons at the Skyforge. They are quite...MYTHIC. =)

  • Avatar of thwakkazahg thwakkazahg Dec 26, 2011 at 17:07 UTC - 0 likes

    Cool weapons and armor, quite out of bounds on the damage and such. Would be cool to have them scaled to level or balanced a bit, perhaps cost more appropriate to the wickedness. Or even as an ultra rare drop rate on npcs would be fun. Overall really cool, keep up the good work


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