Children of Skyrim Eye Colours

This mod:
- Replaces the brown eye-colour of some of the children in the game with different colours to make each child a little more unique.
- Also affects the Hearthfire children. (if you have Hearthfire)
- Has eye-colours of brown (default), blue, green, yellow/amber, and violet-grey.
- Affects children only.
- Has a version that requires Dawnguard and Hearthfire and a version that does not. These two versions, otherwise, are identical. (Example: If you downloaded one version and your friend downloaded the other, in both your games Runa would have blue eyes and Dagny would have green etc.)

Yellow and violet-grey are the rarest while blue and brown are the most common.

- Runa Fair-Shield has blue eyes.
- Lucia (Whiterun) has green eyes.
- Braith (Whiterun) has brown eyes.
- Aventus Arentino (Windhelm) has blue eyes.

Please don't hesitate to comment... especially if you have suggestions for improvement.
Enjoy ^.^



- Download the file.

- Unzip the file

- Choose the appropriate .esp file...Only one! You would choose "KidsColouredEyesHF.esp" if you have Hearthfire and you would choose "KidsColouredEyesNoHF" if you DO NOT have Hearthfire. Just delete the one you don't need.

- Place it in your Skyrim Data folder.
Examples: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data
Or: C:\Program Files (x86)\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim\Data

- Open SkyrimLauncher. (This is the menu where it says "play, options, data files, tech support, exit")
Click on Data Files, and put a check mark next to the KidsColouredEyes file that you chose. (again make sure you only have one.)

- Play

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Date created
Jan 30, 2013
Last updated
Feb 14, 2013