Gokstad Sailable Ship and Portable Player Home

Gokstad Sailable Ship v1_3b

Change log


- preliminary meshes (without 'real' texturing), placed in a testing worldSpace; linked to SkyNilla by a door

- working bedroll; ships are actually doors which teleport Player between them


- added a separate boat to illustrate rowing animation


- fixed the door back to Vanilla (it broke during editing, which I overlooked before vBeta2 was released; I "cow ..." during testing)

- added the 'stowed sail' meshes (though they need to be tweaked for clipping)

- reexported all the meshes to have decent texturing (except the 'stowed oars' on the camp-ship, which are temporary meshes until I finishing porting the oar animations)


- FIRST POSTCK RELEASE. Do not use the vBeta1-3 (preCK versions), as they may corrupt data in your saveGames or otherwise interfere with your game.

- real-time sailing

- player-home

v1.0b HotFix2

- fixes problem of occasional explosions/ship stoppage while in open water (for most systems)


- better stability

- revamped control system uses WASD now


- fixes inability to exit Vanilla interiors, excessive stoppage of sailing, and occasional CTD or ship sailing without Player

- adds new interiors since 1.1b, various tweaks for User, better collision, another dock in Dawnstar

- see readMe/description for more details of numerous changes

Known caveats


* You MUST have ridden a horse in the SAME GAME session you are currently playing; it will NOT take a horse you rode in your saveGame before loading it. Stolen horses may not work.

- No collision is assigned to any of the boat meshes whatsoever (this is currently a near-universal limitation of the NIF file format) [this will NOT be fixed anytime soon, if ever; though I plan to simulate the basics, such as the mast and the rowers' benches]

- Inferior texturing of the custom meshes (I use Vanilla Skyrim textures, quickly mapped to my meshes for expediency) [eventually I hope this will be improved; though I'm happy enough with the current arrangement that it isn't a glaring priority]

- Some of the meshes need to be tweaked to remove clipping. Originally, in Oblivion, my sails are animated using morph-targets... something that can't be done in Skyrim. For example: the 'stowed sail' clips because it originally unfolded as it raised up the mast (the sails also flapped in the wind, and animate as the boat turns)... very cool, but I can't do it with it Skyrim.

- Lack of animations (such as a 'wave-rocking' effect, rowing oars, moving sails, etc) [eventually I plan to include these]

- No NPCs [I haven't worked with the dialog system yet, so a working merchant/crew is still fairly far off. Before then, I do hope to include basic NPCs; such as a few nord raiders or summoned skeletons who spawn when you ram the shore.. that kind of thing is easy.]

- No quest or "unnerfing" [I plan to incorporate this as soon as I learn the dialog system. In the meantime, for a future release I plan to add a menu to the current 'dock reset lever'... which doesn't work as intended so will be changed completely. It'll give the option to auto-transport the ship instantly to other docks located around the world (which aren't made yet so don't bother looking), and customization of various aspects of the mod.]

* This mod is still considered to be in BETA testing because it needs to be tested on more systems before releasing the code.

* It is currently using perma-persistent references in the scripting.. over a half-dozen medium res versions of them (about 100k tri's or so). I plan to convert the script to create new references on-demand (probably with aliases), which I believe is the preferred, Bethesda-like method. While it seemingly doesn't affect the game by itself, when combined with other mods which do the same thing in the same areas, it may lead to performance loss even while those objects may not be 'in-use'. Converting it presents an entirely new set of testing, which could have further delayed this released for a WHILE... (I haven't fooled around with aliases yet).


"Something happened to my ship, and now I can't access it!"

- Go to the dock near Solitude, pull the lever while sneaking. Choose one of the docks.

"I've hit the shore (or SOMETHING) but the boat didn't stop!"

- Either keep sailing until OUT of the land, or press the backward key ("S") until the boat is in Reverse. The boat will eventually emerge and may be steered away.

- I've found that certain areas sometimes may not trigger the stop sequence correctly. I have no idea why this occurs; but if it does, the ship may finally stop when reemerging from the land. Simply re-activate it, tap the forward key (until it starts to move a bit), then steer clear of any obstacles.

"I've run aground, but now I want to sail again."

- Press the backward key ("S") to put the ship in reverse, until you can steer it away from land.

- The stop-ship sequence is only triggered above a certain speed (NOT the same speed that causes explosions). If you tap the forward key ("W") in order to get the ship moving slowly, you will be able to sail through anything... as long as you don't increase speed any further.

"Sometimes the ship's pieces will studder or not be in synch."

- They should eventually auto-correct; if not, your system is under too much stress.

- If it's a problem, try the 'Change View' option and set it to either Navigator or Observer.

- If it's STILL a glaring problem, see the following section for helpful hints.

- Some of the objects may not remain in PERFECT synch, simply because of the limitations of Papyrus scripting; namely, the sail while unfurled and the oars while rowing. I've tried to reduce this as much as possible, but I doubt I'll ever be able to eliminate it altogether. (unless I drastically reduce the detail of my ship and combine the meshes into one; but I am NOT going to do that.. when I 'hook up' my script to a Vanilla ship this will be eliminated in certain view-modes)

"Sometimes Skyrim crashes to desktop!"

- Recently, I've seen the game CTD for seemingly no apparent reason. Sometimes it's from the Main/Title Screen when trying to load a saveGame (or coc)... once it happened when I tried to 'port-travel'. This happens even when this mod is NOT enabled... so I suspect something else going on in the game. I don't use other mods, so that doesn't leave anything else to blame but the game itself (already having eliminated poor system performance).


* For IDEAL usage, this mod requires your system to maintain at least 40fps while sailing. The ship will appear to studder/shake if your system is too stressed; and steering will be VERY 'jumpy'. Here are some tips for improving Skyrim performance.

This is a thread I started to explain all the following stuff in more detail and to discuss it.


- This is another thread I started to illustrate the effects of script timing, mainly for other modders. http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1386736-performance-timing-testing-using-scripted-movement/

- Enable Papyrus logging in your INI file (see the above forum thread). Load and play a saveGame for a couple minutes, then exit Skyrim. Look at the log. If there are errors a mile long, you have mods installed which have erroneous scripting... get in contact with the authors and inform them (the plugins' names are listed in the log, along with the actual line of code the error is on).

Meanwhile, I suggest disabling the problematic mods until they have been fixed. These WILL cause severe problems with intense scripting such as mine, as well as other aspects of the game.

- Do not run other programs while playing Skyrim... even the CK; other examples are Photoshop and 3DSMax. Try to maintain at least 2.5gig of RAM free before running Skyrim.

- Reduce the detail level your game is set to. The easiest way is to click one of the default buttons in the Skyrim Launcher (Low, Medium, etc). You may also add, remove, or change certain individual sliders or settings; either in the Launcher or editing the INI file directly.

- Currently, the only "magic fixes" I know of to drastically boost fps rate (with relatively minimal impact to detail level) are to reduce SHADOW DETAIL, ANTIALIASING, FXAA, and/or Blur Radius (in order of impactfulness).

- Another way to improve performance/fps is to reduce the sliders for VIEW DISTANCE. Grass, objects, and items will probably be the least missed, so I suggest trying them first.


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Jul 17, 2012
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