This mod moves Honeyside (Riften home,) too Hillside (New house location i made.) The House is called Honeyhill.

This is as simple as it sounds, I took Honeyside and moved it so it was out of the city and into the Wilderness. this mod also includes my Smithing room from Honeyside Smithy and the same quest that was in my Hillside mod, nothing changed.. The first note to the Quest is inside Breezehome on the table, read that and go from there.

READ BEFORE INSTALL: This doesn't modify Quests like the Original Hillside, this simply modifies the location of Honeyside, you WILL need to activate Honeyside by doing the appropriate quests to get the key, and decorate it. You can still enter Honeyside from its previous location.

Make sure to turn off my Honeyside Smithy Mod and Hillside Mod before turning this on or it will cause issues.

0.1 Includes: - New Honeyside Location, Hillside. - Teleport Location with Hillside. - 5 Weapon Rakcs - All Blacksmithing Tools - Ench/Alch pouches - Storage in Smithing Room. - Exterior to Match (Will be better soon.)

0.1 Problems: - Anything requiring activations (racks and bookshelves) require a clean load, this means you need to zone out of the house then back in to activate everything.. just loading a save does nothing, you need to leave the house then return to interact with them.


SPOILER: You will find the house right below Froki's Shack. SE of the Rift Imperial Camp.

Here is an image of the location. Another huge spoiler. http://fusromod.com/images/8.jpg

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Date created
Jan 03, 2012
Last updated
Jan 03, 2012