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v. 1.2

  • Many, many more craftables added. List below.
  • Optional perk system added


Fixes missing armor materials by adding two perks: Basic Smithing and Silver Smithing. Gives you freedom of choice past Advanced Smithing (same old advanced armor, only renamed and relocated): You can choose any of the materials without PERK requirements. Smithing level requirements still apply; in other words, once you hit Advanced Smithing, you can wait until 100 and pick only Dragon Smithing if you choose so.

Daedric Smithing stems out of Arcane Smithing, since it's not a material, but a smithing technique. The other perks have been renamed to reflect their materials, but they're the same. All on a perk tree that actually looks like a freaking anvil :P

If you're updating, you will need to uninstall, save and install again. Just to be safe.

if you wanna test the recipes or just cheat, type "coc lorecrafttest" to teleport the testing hall. Look for the All Recipes container next to the anvil. Apologies for the stink. My QA smith works there. =P**

Remember, you still need the Ebony Smithing perk and a recipe for bows to make an Ebony Bow. Also, if you know how to craft an Ebony Bow and have the Daedric Smithing perk, you also know how to make a Daedric Bow, which is nothing than an enhanced Ebony Bow (or defiled, however you look at it).

All purely leather/fur armors are crafted at the tanning rack instead of the forge.

BOOKS ADDED WITH 1.2: [Buyable (B) from smiths/misc vendors or lootable (L) from enemies/chests.]

-Wolf Armor Set (L)
- Blades Armor Set (L)
- Blades Sword (L)
- Forsworn Armor Set (L)
- Forsworn Weapon Set (L)
- Falmer Armor Set (L)
- Falmer Weapon Set (L)
- Skyforge Weapon Set (Craftable at Skyforge, no learning required)
- Silver Sword and Greatsword (L)
- 3 jewelry books containing (B/L)
>Copper and Moonstone Circlet
>Copper and Onyx Circlet
>Copper and Ruby Circlet
>Copper and Sapphire Circlet
>Gold and Emerald Circlet
>Gold and Ruby Circlet
>Jade and Emerald Circlet
>Jade and Sapphire Circlet
>Silver and Moonstone Circlet
>Silver and Sapphire Circlet
- Fur Armor Set (L/B)
- All guard armors and shields (L/B)
- Lockpicks (smelter, no learning required)

Separate unenchanted versions (original unmodified):

- Nightingale Armor set (L) (also learned by reading the translated Gallus' journal, requires Daedric Smithing, crafted on tanning rack)
- Nightingale Weapon set (L) also learned by reading the translated Gallus' journal, requires Daedric Smithing)
- Thieves Guild armor set (L) (renamed Thief Leather Armor, tanning rack)
- Thieves Guild Master Armor set (L) (renamed Blackened Thief Armor, tanning rack)
- Ebony Mail (L)
- Jagged Crown (L) (renamed Dragonbone Crown)
- Helm of Yngol (L) (renamed Draugr Horned Helm)
- Greybeards complete outfit (L) (tanning rack)
- Executioner's Armor set + Axe (L/B)

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