Nightmares of the Priest

Plot Walkthrough - Dev Notes

This page detail's the way the plot will unfold through the quest line. This includes MAJOR spoilers and is presented here for my own personal usage as well as for any Testers to relate to. I also welcome any feedback on how the plot will develop.

Colour Key:

  • Blue - Item
  • Red - NPC
  • Green - Location

Discovering the Quest

The Player discovers a camp set up outside of a ruined temple named Oratha Temple. Sitting slumped against his tent lies a injured man named Aleister and two dead Wolves. Approaching Aleister starts a dialogue and he begins to explain that he was ambushed by Wolves during the night and that he has come here seeking a treasure that his father before him had sought and failed to acquire. He them offer's the player any and all item's within the Temple if the Player would journey inside and recover a set of Antique Armour from within the central burial chamber. He explains that he is too injured now to attempt the Temple and will return home should the Player accept this task and await the Players return. Once the Player accepts, Aleister hand's the Player his 'Temple Notes' and his 'Oratha Temple Key', both of which are Quest Items. The 'Oratha Temple Key' will unlock the main temple door in to the dungeon. As for the 'Temple Notes', they will help solve the various puzzles and maze's within the Temple itself.

Exploring Oratha Temple

To be written once Dungeon Layout is confirmed.

Getting Your Just Reward

After the Player returns to Aleister, who resides in a small house in Riverwood, he hand's over the Antique Armour. He keeps what he has taken from the Temple already plus a Small Coin Purse containing 200 coins that Aleister hand's over in return for the Amour. The Player can then take his leave.

After a period of of two nights, or two attempts at sleep, the Player receives a courier asking for their presence at Aleister's home. Once the Player arrives they discover Aleister is in a state of madness. He rambles about nightmares, the Armour, and a Priest. Nothing he says make much sense as of yet, but all of which he has said will become apparent later in the quest line. The Player is requested to stay the night and must do so in the spare bed in the house for the quest to continue. Once the Player attempts to sleep he awakens to Aleister's screams. The Player enters Aleister's room to discover that he has died during the night in his sleep. The Player assumes that's the end of it and leaves. Assuming the Player will look (Or not) for the Antique Armour, they will find it is no longer there and has been sold, in piece's to other people. Which leads to the multiple path section of the quest.

The Nightmares Begin

After two more nights or two attempts at sleep, the Player begins to have nightmares. After each nightmare, detailed below with no change each night, the Player feels weaker. This is due to the curse of the Armour placed upon by the Oratha High Priest envisioned in the Nightmares. Eventually the Player will only ever lose 80% of their maximum amount of Health, Magicka and Stamina once the effect takes effect.(As we don't want to permanently kill the Player, only seriously hamper them until the quest is completed). The Player should discover via the Nightmare, that the Armour must be returned to the Temple else they will suffer the same fate as Aleister.

Nightmare Description:

The Middle Man
The Player discovers via a piece of parchment in Aleister's possession when he died the Armour has been sold on to 4 people via a middleman. The player seeks the man, a Nord named Orthur, in Winterhold. On approach the man is more then welcome to give the Player the name's and location's of the 4 people that bought the Armour but it will cost them, 2'000 coins. The Player may pay the price and receive the list with the name's on, or they may pickpocket Orthur for it. If they murder him, or cause his death via some other means, they can loot the list from his body. (I'm toying with the idea of repercussions from the Thieves Guild, who he represents as a Fence, should you murder him).

Recovering What Wasn't Yours
The Player can now attempt to recover the piece's in any order they choose, each armour piece is outlined below.

Antique Helm This piece must be stolen. The Buyer is unwilling to ever let ago, no matter the sum of money offered, or the threats. This part of the quest is a 'sneak in and steal' section testing the Player's Lockpicking, Sneaking and Evading Guards to recover the armour piece. Getting caught results in the usual fines from the town and the Guards responding as normal along side the Buyers Guards will be permanently hostile and seek to kill the Player when ever they see them. More information on how the layout of the building works along side the interaction with the Buyer once I've fleshed this out with some rough sketches of the floor plans.

Antique Boots This piece can be bought back from the Buyer for double what the Buyer paid for it, (4'000 coins to buy it back). Otherwise they must murder the Buyer to loot it from his corpse as he is wearing the Boots at all times. He's a pretty effective Barbarian and wields a hefty Warhammer. He is located as a patron of the local pub in Solitude.

Antique Bracers This piece is the easy piece to recover with pure combat involved. This piece was sold to a gentlemen of questionable character who resides in a cave not far from Helgen. Upon arriving at the Cave the Player discovers the gentlemen dead a lot of Undead Skeleton's running around. Player must dispatch this Undead Army to retrieve the Bracers from a chest. The Gentlemen died whilst trying to create his army of Skeletons so he could wreak revenge upon the world for his poor treatment in the local town. This is discovered via his Diary (Located close to the body, should the Player search his Cave).

Antique Chestpiece To be confirmed. I have a few idea's for this piece but I'm not certain on which to use yet. Will confirmed this piece shortly.

Returning the Armour
The Player returns back to the Temple without incident and place's the armour back in it's rightful place. After each piece is returned, the Curse effect is lifted by 20% (The effect does a 80% negative effect so each piece is worth 20%). After all 4 piece's are returned the Player leaves without incident with hopefully a feeling of relief.

Within two nights or two sleep attempts the Player has one last dream, this time of the Priest holding a small Oratha Dagger out as if to the Player. The Player awakens with the Oratha Dagger now in their possession. The Oratha Dagger is a Poisoned Weapon that Absorbs Health.

Quest Completion.

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