Proper Crafting Recipes

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Proper Crafting Splash

The purpose of this mod is to remove/add (what I think to be) unnecessary/necessary iron ingots and/or leather strips, leather and firewood from armour and weapon recipes. With this mod, I am also aiming to make the recipes more consistent in terms of the order they appear (All recipes will now have leather strips as the first requirement, instead of in a random position).

I will be adding more armour/weapon sets in the near future (As my character progresses through the smithing skill tree).

The Recipes:
Armour: 4 Ingots
Shield: 3 Ingots
Gloves & Boots: 2 ingots
Daggers: 1 ingot
Swords, War axes & Maces: 2 ingots
Bows: 3 ingots
Great Swords, War hammers & Battle axes: 3 ingots

Leather & Leather Strips: Whatever appears to be on the item (According to vanilla)

  • There may be exceptions based on the size variations of the above items

Future Updates:
- Change the rest of the armour/weapon set's recipes
- Change armour/weapon tempering recipes

I would personally like to thank Samutz for his awesome tutorial located here: I'm also looking for someone to replace the image for the mod who has some talent in graphic design. Such a person will be given full credits for their work.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts/suggestions so I can make this mod as best as I can as this is my first Skyrim Mod. I would also appreciate an endorsement &/or having my Rep increased if you like my work.

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Date created
Dec 07, 2011
Last update
Dec 07, 2011
Development stage
GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)