Cooking Recipe Bundle

Cooking Recipe Bundle v4.02

Change log

* Added 5 new cannibal recipes
* Removed KYWD data from any items which had it, so vendors should not stock any of these crafted foods
* Added perk requirement to all 19 fortify skill foods
* Added filter by requiring item to cutting cheese and juniper mead recipes
* Added new graphics for many items, including most of the buff recipe pack
* Updated collision data for most items
* Added Snowberry Jelly
* Nerfed ingredients for apple cider (halved apple count, replaced mtn flower with ale)
* Nerfed healing of cheesy bread from *25* to *15*
* Improved size for some items
4.0 Split into 4 .esp files, added flour, now includes meshes and textures for some items
Added noodles, spaghetti, eidar noodles, fried egg, grilled chicken salad, sugar cookies, changed pies to use flour
3.0 Added sugar, candy, 18 short buff foods, tomato jucie, updated apple pie
2.1 Added cheesy bread, slicing cheese, lavender goat, apple cider, fixed horker jerky
2.0 One .esp file WolferoosCookingRecipes is now the composite list (as I'm not the only cooking recipe maker now)
-Removed Apple Pie variations
- Added Red and Green Apple Pie items for health and stamina
- Added 5 hour long skill / regen buff foods
- Added water breathing and improved vision foods (caviar, carrots)
- Added higher value restore hp foods (jerky, mashed potatoes)
1.11 Added readme inside zip
1.1 Removed charred skeever (now found in the crafting materials bundle)

1.0 Initial Release
-Apple Pie (2 Red/Green Apples, 1 Bread(loaf))
-Apple Pie (5 Red/Green Apples, 1 Wheat, 1 Honeycomb)
-Apple Pie (5 Red/Green Apples, 1 Wheat)
-Baked Potatoes (1 Potato)
-Black Briar Reserve (5 Black Briar Mead)
-Charred Skeever (1 Skeever Tail)
-Grilled Leeks (1 Leeks)
-Mead With Juniper Berries (1 Honningbrew or Black Briar Mead, 1 Juniper Berries)

Known caveats

Upgrading to 4.0 will cause a loss of foods Assumptions were made about form ID's and other unknown fields but there does not seem to be any negative effect from this.


Uploaded on
Dec 26, 2011
Game version
    8.4 MiB