Rotten Rat's FAST


If you're like me... you've been wondering how and why it's possible for a humanoid to outrun rabbits, deer, wolves, etc. Well wonder no more!

This simple mod makes hunting more realistic - in the respect that if you 'spook' your prey, they will bail faster than you'll be able to keep up... so hunting now requires use of stealth, stalking, and tracking (if spooked).

HINT: bunnies & foxes are easier to kill if, like a real hunter, you find & note where they're most likely to appear... then come back another time and sneak up on the defenseless little beggars.

It ALSO makes it so that 'WHEN ANIMALS ATTACK...' they do so with Earthly, not Bethesdian speed... so you better be prepared to FACE that pack of wolves, those nasty sabre cats, or grizzled bears... you will NOT outrun them for long. You may very well soil yourself the first time one of these things comes after you! No more traipsing through the hinterland willy-nilly... unless you're armed to the TEETH or just have a deathwish.

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Date created
Dec 29, 2011
Last updated
Dec 29, 2011