Skyrim Helper

This Mod is a very small mod that is targeted at people who make new characters. This mod basically adds a New NPC in the game that will follow you. He is your friend so he will like you.

His name is Jacob the Brave (Jacob) and he loves nothing more then killing anything you want him to kill. He is a Brave 2handed warrior who starts at level 10. He has full Steel armor (Besides Head) and owns a Steel 2H Greatsword and also has a Steel 1H sword as well (In case you give him a shield). He Also has a Longbow and 10 Steel arrows and has 50 gold as well you can take from him.

The Highest level he can go to is Level 81 and levels up when you level up as well. Lets just say he like another Human. He will do other stuff as well like Alchemy, Cooking etc.

His Home town is Riverwood which is good because after you have escaped Helgen you can go straight to the Inn and get him there.

Anyway I hope you have fun with this addon and yeah.

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Date created
Jul 17, 2012
Last updated
Jul 18, 2012