My first attempt at a mod which features an Island in the sky. May and will be buggy so any ideas and bug reports would be greatly appreciated.

What this mods has: Island in the sky above Whiterun accessible via Map or dwemer tower near Whiterun Stables. The layout is made as simple and straightforward as possible.

Tower layout: 1. First floor: Kitchen, Dining room, Meeting Hall 2. Second floor , six rooms if you would like to have more room for more spouses ( hopefully works together with Multiplespouses Mod) 3. Third floor a Bazaar for your Buying/Selling needs ( also sells all keeps Guard Armor) 4. Fourth floor and fifth floor themed display rooms for all the cool loot collected. 5, Sixth floor: Master bedroom with Maid for your special needs.

Other Features - Over 10 Npcs each a trainer and some merchants - Teleport stones for easy quick access around the tower - All Crafting needs on Island and in Tower whichever one you feel is better for you

Future planned contents - Cellar with servant quarters - Jail and Arena - Animal Companions

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Date created
Sep 27, 2012
Last updated
Sep 27, 2012