Unremarkable Cave

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Mystery awaits

Unremarkable Cave


It is a dungeon called Unremarkable cave. Well it can be unremarkable from the outside, but it is not true for the interior part. Here the unique sword Spellblade had long been under the protection of powerful guards. This could go on for centuries, if certain dragonborn has not found an adventurer’s note which revealed the location of the cave.


  • Interesting and challenging bosses with unusual mechanic (including teleporing mage and invisible assassin)
  • Rather uncommon magic weapon Spellblade as final prize
  • Nice enviroments

Future plans

Please comment about what you like and what not! Your feedback is very important for me as i am planning to update this mod with:

  • two more bosses
  • another unique prize (a spelllike ability for warrior-type dovahkins)
  • misc encounters
  • bugfixes, balance corrections and more


  1. Extract the archive
  2. Copy the contents of the archive in your Skyrim\Data folder
  3. Open the Skyrim launcher and check the Unremarkable cave.esp in the Data Files section in Skyrim launcher

How to begin

A new quest "Unremarkable Cave" will be started


  1. Uncheck Unremarkable cave.esp in Skyrim launcher

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Jan 03, 2013
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Jan 03, 2013
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