Werewolf - A Different Kind

Werewolf - A Different Kind


1.) Keeps current armor and weapon configuration active

2.) Allows access to map, inventory, etc. while werewolf

3.) Voice usage while a werewolf

4.) Buffs speed(+50), unarmed(+30), health(+200), healing rate(+0.5), stamina(200), stamina rate(+0.5), damage resist(+25), movement noise(-0.25), critical chance(+15) and jump height(200 from 76)

5.) NPCs will not flee


bat wereup

  • Turns you into a werewolf
  • WARNING: Issuing 'wereup' results in stat buffs every entry so be sure not to enter more than once unless you want extreme buffs. Revert changes with 'bat weredown'

bat weredown

  • Turns you into an Argonian by default. Race must be manually configured.
  • WARNING: Issuing 'weredown' results in stat debuffs every entry so be sure to only use it after issuing 'wereup'


Must Configure Race

'weredown.txt' must be configured properly to your default race or you will become an Argonian upon exiting 'Werewolf Mode'.

- Simply change the word 'ArgonianRace' to '<YourRace>Race'

Don't know your race's name?

Issue 'help race 0' in console and scroll with page up/down to find race.

Common Races:

  • WoodElfRace
  • NordRace
  • DarkElfRace
  • OrcRace
  • KhajiitRace
  • ImperialRace
  • RedguardRace
  • HighElfRace
  • BretonRace
  • ArgonianRace

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