Curse Announces the Winner of SkyrimForge's 15k Challenge!



Curse is happy to announce the winner of the Skyrim 15K Challenge! The Grand Prize winner of $3,000 cash is Shawn Berlinghof, a.k.a. Shawkab, with the mod Dovahkiin Hideout

You can check out Dovahkiin Hideout and download the winning mod for yourself at or through the Curse Client. You can also see all of Shawkab’s amazing Skyrim mods on his SkyrimForge author page.



Dovahkiin Hideout is a mod that gives a hideout to every house a player can acquire in Skyrim. The basement door leads to a huge underground room featuring display cases, weapon racks and an enchanting and alchemy table. The hideout is shared between all houses the player owns, as long as you have the key for the house.

We talked to Shawkab about his experience and inspiration for creating Dovahkiin Hideout“I had a desire to collect things and the houses in Vanilla Skyrim did not accommodate it” says Shawkab.

He gathered player feedback throughout the process, but without the creation kit building the mod was no easy task.  “Learning how to do it was the hardest part because there were no tutorials or resources.  It was just trial and error,” mentions Shawkab.

The author has big plans for the future of Dovahkiin Hideout as he continues to refine the mod, “I will be adding follower/spouse support, unique textures, and a completely new structure.”  Other plans include a smaller version of Dovahkiin Hideout, an upgrade to a new mod called Dovahkiin Retreat and the creation of Dovahkiin Castle.


Shawkab plans to participatie in Curse’s future contests and says, “I love Curse and everything they are doing for the modding community. Some people don't understand how many hours go into a mod like this and without the support from fans and from contests like Curse's, Dovahkiin Hideout would have never reached the point it did.”

Congratulations Shawkab!  Dovahkiin Hideout is definitely deserving of the grand prize.

The Skyrim 15K Challenge also awarded $10,500 cash in prizes for another 111 winning mods. Thirty five In-Game items and NPCs were selected along with thirty UI and Maps as well as eleven Quest and Dungeons mods.

We want to thank our community for their participation.  We received a ton of outstanding, creative and useful mods during the challenge.  It is mind blowing to see what everyone was able to do without the Creation Kit.  We are sure when it is released tomorrow we will see a flood of new mods inspired by all our entrants and ones we haven’t even dreamed possible yet.  Happy modding!



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