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Nov 29, 2015 AVOCARDO Release
Guilds is a fully customisable RPG plugin that allows you to create Guilds with distinct advantages and disadvantages over other players and Guilds. You can increase or decrease attack and damage or even enable special abilities. Suitable and customisable for multi world servers. Guild Configuration Each guild is fully customisable and allows for millions of different variations. There are 57 Proficiency Types, Item Restrictions/Limitations, Active Worlds, Active Biomes and Home Bases. A...

Permission Skills

Apr 12, 2013 AVOCARDO Release
Permission Skills adds 61 skills to your server which greatly enhances the role playing experience. All skills can be allocated to players through a regular permissions plugin and can be customised to your hearts content. You can add the skills to a group of players or individual players to create unique guilds, races and factions or even add perks to players who donate. Like this plugin then try Guilds Skills All skills require the ".active" extension to enable them, for example...


Jan 04, 2013 AVOCARDO Release
PlayerExp allows players to spend XP that they have earned in the game on increasing their skills and unlocking special abilities. The plugin is fully customisable and can be translated into any language using the messages.yml config file. Skills You can increase you skills in melee, archery, defence, mining or experience. All skills are set to 100 (no extra effect) by default. Using the commands a player can level these skills up in increments of 10. Special abilities also use the skill...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found