The Rise of the New Agent

Feb 06, 2012 AegisRunestone Beta
Campaign Info Title: The Rise of the New Agent My Characters: Kheldrun (Hydralisk Hero) - New Agent of the Swarm, birthed by the Overmind Rhalnos (tentative name - Protoss Zealot Hero) Blizzard Characters: The Overmind Jim Raynor Kerrigan Zeratul Basic Plot: After the Overmind settled on Auir, he began to create a new being: an Agent of the Swarm embodied in the form of a hydralisk with the undying powers of a cerebrate. This Agent of the Swarm is named Kheldrun. Why, though, did the Overmind...
Kheldrun Speaks

Aegis's Test Map for Kheldrun

Jul 12, 2010 AegisRunestone Release
This is a map I'm making to test out Kheldrun, my Psionic Hydralisk (whom you can read about in my SC1 Campaign), the New Agent of the Swarm, birthed by the Overmind one day before Tassadar destroyed the Overmind. Anyway, let's get to Kheldrun, shall we? SC1 did not allow me to give Kheldrun Psionic powers, so he was just a modified Hunter Killer with 300 HP, 40 (+2) damage, 2 (+1) armor, and all the upgrades of the Hydralisk already researched. SC2 changes this, especially with the Galaxy...