Galactic Empires

Aug 21, 2011 Anteep Beta
Take over the known galaxy. Colonise planets, research advanced technology and build huge fleets. Form alliances and forge an empire that will last forever. Produce powerful warships ranging from fighters to cruisers. Eventually, huge dreadnought size ships armed with dozens of weapons will be available. Utilise support ships, such as the Restituo Destroyer, that can repair ships. An enemy that is capable of building large ships will not always defeat you, for if he cannot defend his ships...

Empires & Nations

Apr 22, 2012 Anteep Beta
An RTS map, E&N 1 allows you to construct your own nation, and if you're powerful, your own empire. First you choose your race, and additional bonuses you may be allowed to choose. Then, with a pioneer unit, you locate an area to build your capital. Ideally this area will have minerals to jumpstart your economy... and for most of the early game, be your economy entirely. From then on, it's all up to you - expand? Develop a stable economy? Tech up? Build an army? Conquer others and build an...

Empires & Nations III

May 22, 2012 Anteep Beta
Humanity finally did it. They began the war to end all wars... in the year of 2064, the global powers entered into a war which quickly escalated, forcing the East Asian Federation to use their nuclear weapons. There were 9 billion people. They believe that figure to be as low as 50 million, even now in 2100. Since then, local governments have banded together and managed to form their own nations, gradually rebuilding civilisation. Your nation recognises this region as one of the few areas...
Purple town

Empire Builder 2

Sep 18, 2012 Anteep Beta
Sequel to Empire Builder 2. Superior to EB1 Found on EU and NA This map will ALWAYS be free and open to the community.
big city from alpha version

Empire Builder

Apr 21, 2013 Anteep Release
Your colony ship crash-lands on an uncharted world. Like it or not, you're settling here. Build up your empire. - Pick a government type which will provide varying bonuses. Such as democracies having a higher tax rate, but high upkeep costs. - Choose an area to place the capital. - Build its economy, by providing houses for your people to live in. Produce metal, oil, food, and electricity. - Sell resources on the market to gain credits, however other empires will be able to buy what you sell....
Battle in Southern France

WW2: Shattered Europe

Jul 16, 2016 Anteep Release
An alternate history WW2, where the USA is decimated by the Great Depression with many states seceeding, and is therefore forced into isolationism to deal with domestic problems. Meanwhile in Europe, fascism rears its ugly head earlier, as national governments struggle to keep control after the effects of the Great Depression. The year is 1933, and war has broken out as Hitler has declared war on Poland after the Polish government commit atrocities against ethnic Germans in territories...