Hive Keeper

May 18, 2012 Bibendus Beta
Links Official Hive Keeper forum: Official Forum Hive Keeper thread on SC2Mapster Official Thread How to play The map is currently published on EU and US servers. Alternatively you can download an older version from the following link, however, the map is protected so the simplest way to play it is to drag & drop the map file on your starcraft2 esecutable. Download link Blizzard Arcade Highlight video Gameplay video Quick Description This map is freely inspired to Dungeon Keeper 2 but all the...
Gameplay Screenshoot 02

Crush Company - The Last Hope

Oct 07, 2010 Bibendus Beta
Introduction This is the first of a campaign made by Enclave Studio. It's based on old arcade games of Beat'Em Up style like Golden Axe or Double Dragon. You can choose between 4 heroes + 2 secret heroes unlocable discovering some secrets inside the map. Each one will have unique weapons and combos. Some of them will be limited by pickable items (like grenades or missile barrage) or by special game mechanics (like weapon heat or rage). It will be composed by 13 levels but you can play only 7...
Gameplay Screenshot 02


Aug 25, 2010 Bibendus Beta
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