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Dec 06, 2013 DavidCallanan Release
uNoOp Information: This plugin removes the /op and /deop command to stop any hackers or other players opping people, If you'd like to op someone, for the moment edit the ops.txt file and add/remove them. Soon we will be allowing /op in the console! Also soon will be a config file allowing you to change what text comes up (default Unknown command). Idea by j_bor123456789 Downloads: Current Versions: Plugin version 1.0 Minecraft version 1.6.4 or 1.7.2 -> Download at the files page Commands:...


Dec 08, 2013 DavidCallanan Release
Weaponz Information: This plugin adds fun weapons to the game, currently there's only 3 weapons and 1 diamond blowgun power upgrade! Please comment for more weapons and I might add them! Check coming soon to look at the new awesome weapons that will be added hopefully! Weapons: Diamond blow-gun, explode areas by shooting, range:20, will be changed in 1.2 Diamond blow-gun glowstone dust power up. put glowstone dust in your inventory, you will then shoot 2 gunpowder, your explosion is much...

Arrow Bombs

Aug 27, 2014 DavidCallanan Mature
Welcome to explosive arrows! Explosive arrows is a plugin that allows you to shoot arrows that explode. There is a list of permissions below to use this plugin! You can toggle your bow explosions by holding shift and right-clicking! Commands: /togglearrows [player] - This command allows you to toggle arrow explosions! Permissions: ArrowExplosions.togglecmd - Permission to toggle using /togglearrows! ArrowExplosions.toggleplayer - Permission to toggle a player using /togglearrows!...

Admin Broadcast

Feb 15, 2015 DavidCallanan Release
Admin Broadcast Information Use "/ab" to broadcast messages to the server with an "[admin]" (changeable in config) prefix beforehand. You can chose between 8 different broadcast types at the moment. Use "&" symbol for color coding! If you wan't a real & sign in game type "&&" Once broadcasted, anyone with the correct permission ("adminbc.canseewho") can see who broadcasted the message. Commands /ab <type> <message..>: Broadcast admin messages to the server. Types: all, a(alert), b(broadcast),...
  • 4 bukkit plugins found