Nov 05, 2013 DiamondCubeMiner Release
Voidity Voidity is the most feature-packed, stable, and bug-free server mod for Minecraft since 1.5.1. Here are the best of the more than 50 features: Better server crew handling: admins, and configurable ops Arena with achievements Dual credit system with wallet, production, transfer, and command block support Account, Building, and Chest Protection Game mode changing line Rocket Launcher. Just sayin' Welcome messages (this is new too), and some server-side text can be set Config files can...


Oct 05, 2013 DiamondCubeMiner Release
GunPak If you want to blow up a canyon or just shoot something, GunPak is your friend. 7 weapons: AK-47, Uzi, Minigun, Shotgun, Bazooka, Flamethrower, and The Bane from Borderlands 2 Frag Grenades Tactical Nuke, 16 times bigger bang than a TNT The Red Button. Just like any other button. Compatible with Voidity Crafting (guide in the pack) Knees. Because the were no knees in Minecraft. Created Jun. 18. 2013. Version 1.6.2 Release 1.0 Download Download GunPak! Downloaded ??? times. Quote from...