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Dec 24, 2012 chaseoes Release
Wiki | Permissions & Commands | Usage | GitHub Source The Dwarfs learned long ago how to manipulate lava to their will. By building their furnaces directly above lava, they can smelt metals and bake goods for a long time without hauling buckets about. Now, you can too. Build your furnace directly above a lava block, then punch the furnace to ignite it. Punch it again to douse the flames. No fuel/buckets needed! There is a minimal configuration file; the plugin will automatically generate a...


Aug 14, 2012 mung3r Release
DeathTpPlus DeathTpPlus announces a death with a random message based on the death cause and allows you to teleport to the point of death It can also create a TombStone at the place you died to let you save your inventory (aka DeadMansChest).You can also create a tomb sign which can be used as respawn point and as a place of information of how often you died and what your last death cause was. IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to some issues with yaml you can get the following error: unacceptable character...
  • 2 bukkit plugins found