Jan 16, 2014 Ellendril Release
Autotune monitors your framerate over an extended period and gradually adjusts graphics settings until a target framerate is achieved. The purpose of this addon is not only to select suitable graphics settings, but to addapt dymaically to performance changes cause by variance in zones and background activity on your box. For example, when I have too account on at the same time the tuner will lower the graphics settings on the background account while providing a higher level on the account I...


Jan 17, 2014 Ellendril Release
A simple interface to find the best diamond or gold auctions on AH and to place new auctions.


Sep 15, 2014 Ellendril Release
Ablaze is a generic combat engine for any class that allows you to monitor cooldowns and cast spells based on prioritised list or rotation. No programming skills are needed. All configuration is done from within the RoM interface.

Follow on Ping

Dec 09, 2015 Ellendril Release
Simple but effective addon, that allows you to name a character that you will follow whenever you or another member of you party pings the map. Follow will only occur if you are in a party or raid or have the character as target or focus. Speeds up questing with a friend or with two characters. Can also restart a chain follows such as snow white followed by seven dwarves :)


May 16, 2016 Ellendril Release
Helps player who find the gear sets move around all the time. Also includes /equip command to choose a gear set by name.