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Dec 13, 2012 EnvisionRed Beta
MultiServerChat by EnvisionRed Link to GitHub Overview: This plugin allows chat messages to be broadcasted from server to server. It's fairly easy to use and configure, but is still in alpha stages of development. It functions as desired but there is the occasional bug or lack of optimization. Configuration: The config file in the plugin includes comments which explain each line. Permissions: Just MultiServerChat.admin, which allows users to use the /msc start and /msc stop commands....


Nov 25, 2012 EnvisionRed Beta
Overview: This plugin adds commands and functionality for making your players hunt for a chest when you want them to! There are many like it, but this one is unique because it marks the vague location of the chest on the players's maps! Permissions: ChestHunt.admin: Allows you to start a chesthunt or stop it. ChestHunt.player: Allows you to join, leave, or win a chesthunt. Commands: /ChestHunt: shows help. /ChestHunt join: Joins the chesthunt if active /ChestHunt leave: Leaves the chesthunt...


Jul 12, 2012 EnvisionRed Beta
MCPets Check out the github MCPets allows users to tame baby animals as their pets, name them, and have them follow the user around. Installation Drag'n'drop installation, just put the jar in your plugins folder and restart/reload (restart is recommended) your server. Then take a look at the configuration, change some values if you'd like. Don't mess with the Pets.yml as it contains all sorts of crucial information for the pets. If you change it, all your pets could get released D: Usage...


Jul 02, 2012 EnvisionRed Beta
SmartExp What is SmartExp? SmartExp is a bukkit plugin that allows server owners and administrators to configure amounts of experience for each mob (monsters and animals, and players) to give when killed.They can even choose if the experience should be dropped or given directly to the player. There is also an option to give players amounts of exp you define for blocks you define in the config! If you guys have some good suggestions, I will also try to incorporate those. Check out the github...
MineCraft person wearing purple wool hat with redhat


Jun 21, 2012 EnvisionRed Release
RedHat RedHat is my first released plugin for bukkitdev. It does what you would probably suspect, allows players to wear blocks/items on their heads. It is fully configurable, with permissions and limiting what items users can have as hats. Commands /hat hand : places the item in your hand on your head. /hat item <itemid> : makes the item specified by the id given your hat. (practically allows for the spawning of items, be careful who you give this to) /hat reload : reloads RedHat's config...
  • 5 bukkit plugins found